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Julia was was the ultimate American treasure. I remember meeting her as a child in Chicago. My mother telling me Julia was a famous television French chef. Julia commented on my beautiful blue eyes. I replied back telling her she had beautiful hair and shoes. Julia let out a huge laugh and told me she loved a charming young gentleman. I remember watching her cooking shows in the 1970's and I bought my first copper crepe pan at an estate tag sale. I could hardly wait to try making my first crepe at ten years old.

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9/20/09 01:42 PM


I am thinking the peg board might work if in a pantry with limited shelving. Those not liking to see various sizes and styles of pots and pans displayed in a kitchen can easily shut the pantry door. My house in New Orleans is an old single shotgun home and storage space is very limited. Some kitchens have old fireplaces with mantels. A peg board mounted above a fireplace mantel with copper pots and pans does look nice and well organized. I love the way copper looks in an old kitchen. Years ago I put peg board in an old kitchen cupboard. The cupboard was missing shelves and I needed a place for my copper bowls, measuring bowls, and small sauce pans. When I sold my home the couple would not buy the house unless they could have the peg board cupboard. Funny to think that peg board cupboard made the sale. Cheers, Thomas

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9/20/09 01:27 PM