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That is a nice open light filled space in the photo and your tips are fine for the average person. Useful, wise.

The true next level in garage wisdom for most people is to "enjoy" it instead of merely endure it.

It can be a place to occupy and use for actually doing things such as supporting most any of the projects on this site. A pleasant workspace.

Aside from probably holding the car and bikes etc, and leaving all forms and varieties of garbage out of the garage - in some other dedicated space, one wants a workbench and tool storage and supply storage.

For inspiration hop over to the garage journal. Its pretty car intensive but you can get what I mean there.


3 Tips for a Clean and Clutter-Free Garage
4/15/11 08:22 PM

Uh, on the charcoal you do know they chop down trees and burn them halfway and put the chunks in bags? Chainsaws do the cutting, trucks do the distribution, and usually a large splash of petroleum does the igniting. With gas, its subterranean, and spark ignited. Also gas, you turn off. Charcoal just burns out, whatever you pour on.

What's The Most Eco-Friendly Way to Grill? Good Question | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
5/24/10 08:25 PM

for environmentally friendliest I would think solar. I cant point to a solar grill, just solar bakers and boilers. Between gas and charcoal I think gas is less evil.

Electric, probably the best commercially available if its renewably sourced.

What's The Most Eco-Friendly Way to Grill? Good Question | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
5/24/10 08:22 PM

Saran wrap. Don't need the fridge. It keeps for many days.

Same for brushes.

Hot Tip: How To Keep Your Paint Rollers and Brushes Fresh | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
5/4/10 09:09 AM

Retail food grade wood oil is cheapest when labeled as laxative, sold in drug stores. I think its about $6 a quart at Rite aid.

Clerks are trained not to look at you funny in drug stores.

How to Care for Wood Countertops Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
2/10/10 09:36 PM

...beware boiled linseed oil from big box stores. Its unnaturally treated with heavy metals and poisonous, legally not suitable or food surfaces therefore not suitable for human contact in my opinion.

And it biodegrades in use if moist, turning black with mildew.

Experience With Tung Oil for Wood Floors? Good Question | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
1/27/10 11:09 PM

Nice. You got somewhere interesting seemingly without new structure. I like exposed plywood idea.

I like plywood for wallboard material. I think superior to sheet rock as a material except for ease of cutting and sinking screws first shot. Takes smoothing compounds well. Harder to do curves.

Mildly disoriented by window in middle picture. Cant quite make out what I'm looking at.

Green Style: Daniel Valeria's DIY Plywood Bedroom | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
1/27/10 10:55 PM

don't ignore its semi-steamshovel action. You don't lift the entire thing, you instead lean down and watch the shovel rise, then you pivot. It only needs a cable operated release to be true lift and dump shovel.

A Green Snow Blower: The Sno Wovel | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
12/2/09 11:12 PM

Monika might have left this scene but 1 on french press.

Water boils in 120 seconds on my stove, its coffee time exactly 4 minutes after I get up. Dosage is infinitely variable. Cleanup is extra 15 seconds of water for the filter.

Many people I know require large plastic apparatus with small computer timer and uncleanable integral tank and tubing and heater, all preset and preloaded the night before to be ready upon wakening. Krups etc.

Thats luxury. Gizmo luxury. Still the gasping sounds and the coffee fumes help one awake happily.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Reusable Coffee Filter Vs. Paper Filter? Good Question
9/18/09 08:10 PM