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In total agreement with you TeaTowelDame!

To everyone who's talking about keeping the wood and not painting it, did anyone actually read yesterday's post? They said that the wood was thinning and had been painted/stripped/restained many times over. Just because it looks beautiful in pictures doesn't mean it's in perfect condition any longer. I think it looks beautiful as is, but I also like the idea of lightening up the space to be a brighter, more welcoming entry.

When all of you buy a century-old house, you can do with it as you please as well.

Inspiration for Mike & Sandie's Foyer Renovation Renovation Diary
7/10/14 10:24 AM

I am in love with the bedroom!

Josh's Collected Sensibility Small Cool Contest
6/6/14 10:31 AM

The bench with the baskets for shoes is such an amazingly good idea AND it looks good. I love all the color. This tour made me smile.

Matt & Mel's Animated Abode House Tour
5/12/14 12:21 PM

My girls had convertible cribs but sharing a 100 sq ft room made it impossible to have two doubles. They're in twins that can be bunk beds.

Tell Us: Do Your Kids Have Twin or Double Beds?
5/1/14 01:46 PM

My husband's office is in a maybe 30 sq ft closet (closer to picture #1). He works 8+ hours a day in there, and he really just misses the sunlight. Other than that, he thinks it's pretty cozy and comfortable.

Small Space Inspiration: 10 Closets Turned Workspaces & Home Offices
5/1/14 01:19 PM

Love it! The white looks great with the accessories and beautiful blue wall.

Before & After: Michelle's Lightened & Refreshed Nightstands
4/13/14 10:11 AM

I kind of want this to be true. I have soooooo many of those things; I don't need anymore.

IKEA to Stop Including Allen Wrenches Design News
4/1/14 10:37 AM

The links on the first two are flipped, just FYI.

Painted Furniture for When You Just Can't Paint Your Walls
3/31/14 01:33 PM

I need to take this advice. Especially when I've started to realize that most of friends (who also have small children) have homes that look like tornadoes went through them. We're all in the same boat, so we should just accept each other's chaotic organizational skills and be happy we're visiting each other.

Practice Positive: 3 Things to Stop Saying to Your Home's Visitors
2/9/14 12:21 PM

I was going to ask about the wall hanging too. That's gorgeous! (As is the revamped storage piece.)

Before & After: From Uninspiring Shelf to Ultra-Functional Floating Storage!
2/2/14 10:31 AM

I love everything about this room! I want my kids to have a loveseat like that. Beautiful!!

Maja's Magical Space Kids Room Tour
12/3/13 05:08 PM

The outdoor space is my favorite. I could just imagine spending long hours out there talking and having a great time.

Gregory and Jenny's Relaxed Hippie Bungalow House Tour
10/21/13 01:44 PM

I love the birdhouses! I have a bird mural on the wall in my daughters' room, and they love birdhouses every time we're at any craft store. I may have to do this!

DIY 3-D Decor Ideas: Dimensional Wall Objects
10/17/13 01:38 PM

I love, love, love the addition of the legs. It actually looks more complete standing up taller. I think the after looks great. I think the before was nice, too.

Maybe more people here should find nicer ways to be critical. Half of your comments would never fly in one of my workshop classes.

Before & After: An Old Chest Gets a Big Change
10/12/13 02:11 AM

Everyone says that white isn't practical, but I think white can be the way to go because you can wash white bedding with a little bit of bleach and in hot water and never have to worry about the color fading. Yes, it may get dingy somewhere down the line, but it might actually be easier to remove stains.

I considered going with white comforters for my twin girls' big-girl bed update. The only reason I didn't is because Target had an insane sale on quilts in purple and green.

Love the room!!

Before & After: A Baby Room Grows Up
10/4/13 09:43 PM

Those upper cabinets were gorgeous, but the lower ones I would've changed in a heartbeat. Even though I think the end result is quite lovely, I think I would've only painted the lower cabinets and kept the uppers original. (This is odd for me because I'm not usually one against painting wood since I've been debating it with my own antique piece that's not in the best condition.)

Before & After:
Simply Gorgeous Kitchen Renovation The Sweeten

10/4/13 02:02 PM

Beautiful fabric choice! Love it.

Before & After: Retro Chair Reaps Benefits of Reupholstery Lonny
10/3/13 04:19 PM

I finally got my wish of a navy blue sofa. I love it so much!!

Colorfully Cushioned: Blue Couches & Chairs
9/28/13 12:29 AM

We bought our 8x10 white shag rug at Lowe's about four years ago. It's a little dingy now (due to me being lazy and not cleaning it properly), but people still rave about its softness. It costs us $175. I love it and would buy it again!

10 Under $300: Giant, Affordable Rugs to Cover Hideous Floors
9/3/13 03:41 PM

This makes me smile so much. I love it.

Scott's San Francisco Backyard My Great Outdoors
8/5/13 09:55 PM