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Folks, please remember, freezing DOES NOT KILL ANYTHING!!! It simply makes it dormant until you thaw it, use it, and get sick. Don't be a tightwad - pitch the used marinade ... please.

How Many Times Can I Reuse a Marinade? Good Questions
8/2/13 03:40 PM

Thanks, but, NO! From my kitchen, GONE are plastic wrap, and plastic storage containers. HELLO glass containers with tight sealing lids in various shapes and sizes ... a whole cabinet filled with them.

Bee's Wrap: An Alternative to Plastic Wrap Product Review
4/25/13 04:31 PM

What is it with you people? Were you raised in a swamp? You mean to tell me you do NOT have individual salt cellars in front of each place setting at your table? Barbaric, I say ;)

Cook Like a Pro: Banish Your Salt Shaker from the Kitchen
3/23/13 02:45 PM

First World Problem, people!

The 2-Burner Trick: How to Cook on an Electric Stove
3/30/12 11:11 AM

I believe "wordkt" was commenting on this proofreading error:

"• 2) Coarse Sea Salt: Kosher salt is wonderful for most savory cooking. I love using kosher salt when roasting vegetables or preparing chicken or fish because the larger grains often hold their shape and you get a slight crust on the outside. "

Demystifying Salt: 3 Essential Types
3/20/12 07:20 PM

Everybody knows you have to roll the cinnamon up in a banana skin and smoke it. Sheesh! :)

Concerns About the 'Cinnamon Challenge' Food News
3/16/12 05:55 PM

Really, you need to make some bread by hand kneading before you do anything else. That will do more to tell you what you want or need than anything else. I am now a serious amateur baker, and have a very expensive European mixer for bread making. When I was new to bread, I burned out my KitchenAid trying to make whole grain loaves. The new KitchenAids, made with plastic gears, as opposed to the older machines with all metal gears, just can’t handle heavy doughs. So, try it by hand first. Then, if you continue, and buy a machine, you may find that, like me, you still like to finish your dough with a little hand kneading, to be “one with the dough”. Good luck. Good baking.

Best Budget Stand Mixer for Making Bread?
Good Questions

1/5/12 06:28 PM

OMG! I’ve been doing it wrong for 20 years! ;) I use all of my many cast iron skillets, dutch ovens and griddles on my old, cheap GE glass cooktop constantly. No issues; no problems; no dramatics. I dislike electric stoves because of slow heating and cooling. But, electric is what the house had when we moved in, and I’m too cheap to convert it to gas. Also, I have never had staining problems like some others here have. Guess I’m just lucky that way.

Is It OK To Use a Cast Iron Skillet on a Glasstop Stove?
Good Questions

1/5/12 06:13 PM

I have a glass top electric stove. As someone else said earlier, I have learned that I can turn off a burner several minutes early to lower the temp. And, sometimes I shift a pan to a cold spot on the cooktop. This is especially good with my cast iron pans, as the heat loss is slow and gentle, instead of a shocking thermal drop. It works for me. Your mileage may vary. Keep cooking!!

The 2-Burner Trick: How to Cook on an Electric Stove
12/21/11 09:15 AM

What is this meat department of which you speak? In ALL the local supermarkets here, there is the packaged meat section, unmanned, and with all the meat neatly packaged in Styrofoam and cling wrap. Then there is the deli with the processed meat product ... you know, salami, bologna, american cheese product. No fresh meat department. Bummer :(

Smart Shopping: Find Cheaper Chicken at the Meat Counter
11/7/11 12:00 PM

I never truss. Everything negative said about trussing is true.
Now, about roasting the bird "upside down" ... I have seen it advised in several places that this is actually the "correct" way to do it to keep the turkey moist. I have done it both ways, and I have to say roasting breast down does give a quality better result, but it looks horrible. Also, butterflying the thing works great for even roasting, but that's another topic.
Cook on!

Against Trussing: Turkey Advice from Fine Cooking
11/3/11 11:07 AM

I have one and have used it many times in the past. But, these days I lean on my dutch oven more. But, I still use the Romertopf for baking bread ... really HUGE loaves of bread. Delicious, fragrant loaves with crispy crusts ... mmmmm ....

Clay Baker: Should You Buy One?
11/2/11 06:27 PM

Can I cap these hot and let them achieve a vacuum seal in the jar? Not sure why they have to cool before capping. Thanks

Quick Pickled 'Shrooms
Guest Post from Tigress of Tigress in a Pickle

7/14/11 04:08 PM

I definitely make my own. It’s so easy, there is no reason not to do it yourself. There are many different ways to get your yogurt from thin to thick, even thicker than Greek yogurt. By controlling the temp and time, I can dial in the tartness and thickness I want. Also, I can flavor it with the purest, freshest fruits I want.

But for real probiotic artillery, look into making your own Kefir. It’s even easier than yogurt and has triple the wee beasties to populate the gut. Tastes great, too.

Make or Buy? Yogurt
7/8/11 02:27 PM

Yep, I always slice before I freeze. Unfortunately, I am parallel challenged. So, I often end up with the last piece badly skewed; or too thin, or too thick. At this point I must force myself to eat that misshapen piece of bread right away. Can’t have ugly bread in my freezer. I Think that’s a law.

Quick Tip: Slice Loaves of Bread Before Freezing
6/27/11 06:13 PM

Or, you could buy an American made Lodge for $25 and free shipping on Amazon.

Dutch Oven from Green Cooking Pots
Daily Find

6/16/11 02:08 PM

I love it! That is the definition of sensual, which is exactly what food should be.

Video: Dreamy Beet Cake Recipe
6/14/11 06:06 PM

I am one who can take cake or leave it. Cake is, to me, simply a structure onto which one PILES mounds and mounds of icing. Cupcakes are too small to accomplish this in the quantities I require :)
But, to each his/her own. The rest of you knock yourselves out. I even bake cupcakes sometimes ... for other people.

Cupcakes for All! 20 Cupcake Recipes, Tips, & Ideas
Recipe Roundup

5/16/11 05:32 PM

Please tell me that is not a real dog sitting his butt on the counter-top.Yuch!
Other than that, love the designs.

Modern Kitchens by the Brooklyn Home Company
Designer Profile

5/16/11 05:29 PM

Nope. Sorry. Some things are traditional - and need to stay that way ... like bruschetta. Fava beans & radishes is just too radical to even think about.

Recipe: Fava Bean and Radish Bruschetta
5/4/11 07:20 PM