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Hi Lynn,
Thanks! I wish I could have posted more photos to be honest. Particularly night photos where you can see the real warmth of everything come together. That yellow bulb I speak of is solely for a mood-though its not as dark as you may think. I've considered getting the 50 W as well. And such mood it brings! Especially when the soft lighting is on the mannequin is also on.

Michele's \"Magic Greens\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/24/13 12:44 AM

Hi All, Thanks for the kinds words.

The main wall is a very dark rich forest green called Bavarian Forest by Benjamin Moore. It does however have a bluish hue to it depending on how the light hits it.

**Almost everything I have I have found in the trash or junk stores and fixed up. All vintage all the way!**

Michele's \"Magic Greens\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/22/13 06:46 PM