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coldrainandsnow- Catalunya summers! yummmm!
and the salt....and the anchovies.....and the bread....and the squished tomato on the bread drizzled with olive oil and salt, or wine and sugar.....Catalunya summers....

France Taught Me a Better Way to Dress a Great Salad Tips from The Kitchn
7/16/14 12:33 PM

Wanted to buy 4 of these...."this item is unavailable" response....too bad, not good.

Swedish Knit Blanket
6/25/14 03:12 PM

Loving Dulcibella's post! Yes, that's my new M0nday plan.

Hey, It's Okay to Give Yourself A Break in the Morning
6/16/14 12:40 PM

Happy solution! Charcoal and propane gas
hybrid grill. Char-Broil 2 in 1. $141.00 at home depot plus gas & refillable tank. Used it for the first time over the weekend. The gas also ignites the charcoal, no need for lighting fuel! Fantastic...the coals stayed warm in their tray for the longest time..the propane gas is quick to start grilling...best of both worlds. My son was also reluctant about the propane gas, the sissie factor...Not with this grill..he loves it!

Weber One Touch Silver Charcoal Grill
5/28/14 04:53 PM

Love, love love, but $60? each?? lovely but...ouch.

Facet 02 Solid Brass Knobs
4/22/14 03:10 PM