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My mom had a few of these but my siblings and I could all hear them. We could barely stand being in the room with them. Most people cannot hear them but if you can, they are EXTREMELY annoying.

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9/7/10 09:21 PM

I've been trying the whole hard ones for about a month now and they seem to work in high efficiency washers on warm. I have been happy with them. I haven't tried them with cold water yet in a HE washer. Maybe I will with this weeks laundry.

Soap Nuts: A Green Laundry Detergent Alternative | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
5/4/10 09:41 AM

I prefer the finish on the bottoms of the older cast iron skillets. You have to clean them up and cure them yourself but I think it is worth the effort. Plus, you are reusing. I picked up a Griswold cast iron skillet from a local antique shop for about thirty and could not be happier.

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9/18/09 07:44 AM