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Mind it's important to store all the necessary documents pertaining to any device-appliance, I use large zip-lock type plastic bags and remove all adhesive label and tags from the box, repositioning such to an index card. Receipts and warranties go into the bag too.

I re-purposing said boxes into organizational duties and for mailing items sold on eBay-type auctions. Just a quick untuck and refold so the boxes now present a clear uniform appearance and less waste now resides in my local landfill.

Retentive, perhaps, frugal, damn-straight !

When to Toss Your Tech Boxes
9/11/12 11:49 PM

I would have loved such a sofa back in my dorm-rat days !

Store Your Home Office Tech Gear In Your Sofa | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
3/21/10 05:35 PM

Definitely not rocket science but one major rule to observe.....

....Before you begin, make certain the power to that fixture is off by way of a breaker, not a wall switch.

Fan Light Kit Installation Survival RatesGood Questions | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
3/21/10 05:29 PM

A college roommate can become a life long friend or a never-ending one semester curse, that said I have experienced both, so when diplomacy fails build a wall.

To avoid the dreaded 'fire marshal' inspection (more likely the RA to be feared than anyone else), I solved this dilemma by making a 'wall' of tracked pivot-able framed screens that provided privacy and some degree of acoustic filtering.

If you lack the know-how to do such, visit your school's theater department, specifically the scene shop, should be no problem finding someone to design, construct and install this poor man's Hadrian's Wall.

And remember, never, ever room with a best friend from high school, way too much to be learned about them while living in such close quarters.

Apartment Therapy Boston | How To: Build a DIY Wall / Door in Your Shared Dorm Room!
9/17/09 05:16 PM