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Most of us stack dishes in the cupboard, too, meaning that the back of one dish contacts the front of the other - so, yeah, you have to clean the whole dish.

7 Time-Saving Methods for Faster Kitchen Clean Ups Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/3/14 01:33 PM

Just so you know, that's not a tile floor in the YHL house - it's a wood subfloor. So you might want to rethink.

DIY Bathroom Ideas: Stencil Your Tile Floor Young House Love
10/30/13 11:14 AM

Go to your building management, and meet with them in person so you can gauge their response. Anything that smells like gas needs to be dealt with immediately, by a professional, for the safety of everyone in your building. If you think your landlord might be at all dismissive, read through your renter's rights and mention the parts that apply when you meet with management. Usually you can notify the city and the utility company in your area of the problem, as well - that's not a bad step, because even if they tell you it's not your problem, having your complaint on record may light a little fire under management.

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10/4/13 09:37 AM

What is the color of that blue paint? I'd like to do my office in the same thing!

Before & After: Beige Office Made Beautiful
6/11/13 11:25 AM

I found this article about removing veneer really helpful for a dresser I painted a while back:


Should I Remove Veneer to Get Smooth Paintable Surface?
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1/7/11 11:20 AM

Just to give credit where credit's due, that looks exactly like the wall from this DIY project over At Design Sponge:


Cool Chevron Wall Pattern
12/16/10 11:43 AM

What a great apartment! If it were me, I'd consider a nice rich (but not dark) color for the walls below the molding, and leave the 1/5 of the wall above the molding and the ceiling white. That will draw your eye up and give you a sense of height and space without having to keep the entire space plain.

A few squares of inexpensive glass tile can be attached to the center of the fireplace (either permanently or not) if you're looking to fill in the white space there. That'll also draw your eye to the fireplace without having to drastically alter the mantle.

What's the furniture layout?

Decorating Ideas for My New Small Studio Apartment?
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9/28/10 01:21 PM