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I have 2 cats, a Maine Coon and a Tonkinese, who thankfully are fastidious and use the litter box 100% of the time. I use Tidy Cat Scoop Litter. This litter works great! I have tried Fresh Step scoop litter, but it was extremely dusty and left a film over everything. The Tidy Cat has a nice fragrance, and all the varieties are good, especially the one with Glade. There is some tracking but it's minimal - that's great for me since my Maine Coon is a long haired 25 lb. boy! The litter clumps pretty quickly. The box I bought is a higher back box. I have it in a small bathroom and scoop several times a day, more on the weekend. I also use a Litter Locker and have not problem with cat odor. As a multiple cat owner, this Litter Locker is a must. I do have to sweep around the box daily and vacuum a few times a week, but it's worth it!
Hope this helps! =^..^=

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1/28/14 07:05 PM