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I'm hoping that Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa will be in a different region, because surely they weren't ignored.

United States of Design Road Trips: A Midwestern Route American Style
7/4/14 07:09 PM

We don't really know any suggestions. I suppose that's why some of us are looking at a post titled, "Style on a Budge: 10 Sources for Good, Cheap..."

Personally, for a bistro set, I have been very happy with my IKEA Askholmen chairs ($19.99 ea) and table ($21.99). The Tarno set is even cheaper at $49.99.

Style on a Budget: 10 Sources for Good, Cheap Outdoor Furniture & Accessories
6/4/14 01:31 PM

Is the paneling real wood? If so, I'd do some light sanding and pickle the wood. It will be white, with the knots showing thorough.

What Wall Color with Very Colorful Bedding? Good Questions
2/6/14 06:05 PM

I mostly agree--if one will use a driver only occasionally, get a good corded driver. I will say that I've been so very happy with with the lith-ion-whatevers with the eeny-weeny batteries. I have the driver and a reciprocating saw. I use the driver several times a week and the saw several times a month or more. The batteries are interchangeable and it seems like they'll be available for some time.

Apartment Essentials: 5 Items to Carry From Your First Apartment To Your Last
9/10/13 04:14 PM

My advice, be sure to trust the artist! I have one tattoo that was well done, and it's held up with little bleeding/fading/etc. My second tattoo is nowhere near as well done--the first year was fine, but now the lines are indistinct. The two are inches apart so sun exposure is not the issue. I would still love my second tattoo if it didn't look like it was done by an amateur.

ExtInked: Tattoos With a Purpose The Gardenist
8/21/13 11:38 AM

I agree with Emmi, however I don't think it applies to all noise and probably significantly depends on the brain-wiring of the listener.

Traffic noise can become white noise. However, screaming college kids at night? Nope, I will never get used to it. That's why I moved away from a college town, and will never again live in a college town.

7 Tips for Sane Living on a Busy Street
7/31/13 11:37 AM

We don't have any wedding photos displayed. We were there and remember it just fine.

Embracing Your History: Do You Display Wedding Photos at Home?
6/14/13 04:33 PM

heypielady, oh my gosh, the same thing happened with us! Most of our gifts were from my huge Midwestern family. I gave him a modest list of mutual friends (or HIS friends), and I took the brunt of the work writing cards to all my family. I found out he never did his. I'm mortified.

Wedding Etiquette:
5 Rules to Keep and 5 to Toss

6/11/13 04:08 PM

I can't believe I need to point this out, the reason rmbnn thought the "an" is wrong is because s/he was reading it as "an New York City."

Raising a Baby in a NYC Apartment... Annals of Advertising
4/30/13 03:34 PM

sealbeachy, I agree.

Pros & Cons of Raising Backyard Chickens
4/16/13 03:57 PM

I'm with ernern. Buy it and do what you want with it. However, don't paint it in a way that would make it impossible to return to the original.

I personally would buy it and not paint it. The white and black would look great with turquoise.

Whenever I tell my husband, family or friends some of my ideas they look at me like I'm crazy (or at least just smile and nod their heads). Yet they always like the finished results. Sometimes people can't visualize things the same way.

Thumbs Up for Horse Head Lamp? Good Questions
4/16/13 02:18 PM

OK. So is Easter the new Christmas?

That denim bunny is super cute, but I don't think my parents spent that much on the easter baskets for all three of us kids. Yeah, I sound poor.

More Fun Finds for Easter Gifts
3/22/13 05:23 PM

I like the end result.

Our new daughter's nursery is cedar T&G on all four walls and the ceiling, with circular sawn fir floor! We won't paint it, but I don't begrudge somebody that would.

Before & After: Baby E's Nursery Life in Bridgetown
3/12/13 10:35 PM

Love it. Our former house was twice the size and a fraction as nice (and way messier!)

Maxwell & Lulu's Temporary Digs House Tour
3/11/13 09:59 PM

Ugh, I need more coffee.

Falling in Love with a Home
3/11/13 05:43 PM

We too looks at many properties before we found our current home.

The view of two mountain ranges from our house (not to mention an even better view from our small pasture) were probably the main selling point. Even though there certainly were houses in our price range that did not need nearly so much work (new roof, new floors, new paint, and now we find out all the floor joists are rotten!).

Falling in Love with a Home
3/11/13 05:41 PM

thorndale, my brown sugar never gets hard in my REAL Tupperware .

Before & After: Kimberly's Overflow to Organized Pantry
3/5/13 02:46 PM

Yup, I totally agree with thorndale and lampeam. My bedroom had record-filled milk-crates. That was a few years ago.

A Record Cabinet Crafted from Milk Crates A Beautiful Mess
3/5/13 02:31 PM

Best kitchen remodel in ages!

The colors and elements may look similar to many other kitchens--it's the function and flow that makes this my favorite.

Before and After: Kyle's Kitchen Remodel
3/4/13 03:20 PM

I think the title references the author's series on remodeling her condo, not the bathroom alone. It should perhaps be something like "World's Ugliest Condo: Bathroom Edition." However, I'm sure the comments saying it's not the world's ugliest would still be valid.

Before & After: World's Ugliest Condo Bathroom
2/18/13 03:16 PM