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Sigh. Yes, I suppose I'm an old meanie, but I'm so horrified by the poor writing in this post that I can't enjoy the content. Am I wrong for wanting blogs to have high editorial standards? The writers are paid, aren't they?

"If baskets *is* your thing"?! Ouch.

There's much more, but I'll stop there.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Baskets as Wall Art
2/3/09 04:41 PM

Sorry, this is OT.

I *love* you for writing "Here are a few tips" rather than "Here's a few tips". Thank you! The use of the "is" contraction with a plural noun has become epidemic, and I can't stand it!

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Go Monochrome: Complementing Tech with Black and White
1/16/09 12:12 AM

This post gave me a reason to count residences.

I'm 45, and since college, I have lived (alone or with roommates or a boyfriend), in 22 different apartments, in three states and two countries. Longest amount of time in the same apartment was three years.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | AT Survey: How Often Do You Move?
12/9/08 10:49 PM

The original post has been edited, and the tone softened, since I made my original comment.

Apartment Therapy New York | Look! Attending a Cat Show... Washington DC
9/3/08 09:01 AM

I really don't like the tone of this post. It seems unnecessarily mocking, and out of place on this site. It also strikes me as really immature. "The most obsessed cat people ever"? "who travel with shrines to their cats"? If those cat pictures were replaced with child pictures, would you have mocked those people for having a "shrine" to their children?

"See more crazy cat pictures"? If an AT writer is not going to a report on an event respectfully, and with an open mind, then I'd rather not see that even described on this site.

Apartment Therapy New York | Look! Attending a Cat Show... Washington DC
9/3/08 06:41 AM

Landline-only user for many reasons:

It's technologically superior - there are never any dropped calls, never lack of service.

The ergonomics of a land line phone are far superior to that of any cell phone I've seen or tried.

It's so much cheaper. My phone bill is less than anyone's I know: $18/mo

I never have to remember to charge my phone.

So I get some telemarketer calls - I let the machine take all my calls anyway (yep, no voicemail).

I have a landline at home, an office phone at work. That's all I've ever needed. Why does everyone have to be so accessible?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Survey: Have You Given Up Your Land Line Phone?
6/2/08 08:34 PM

Try Brass and Glass in Oakland, on College. They don't have Charles Rogers beds listed on their web site, but they still might carry them, or something very similar. I bought my iron canopy bed there (and I adore it). The service from both the sales and delivery people was exceptional. I highly recommend them.


Warning: somewhat annoying video plays on home page.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: Charles P. Rogers Iron Beds/Iron Beds in San Francisco?
4/3/08 07:36 PM

Ha, this reminds me of one of my favorite toilets in the world, at an eco-lodge in northwest Ecuador. The toilet is next to an enclosure which houses a young ocelot, Mishi, who was adopted as a cub after his mother was killed by poachers (he was found for sale at a market). The few feet near the ceiling are the wire mesh around Mishi's pad, and he has a shelf up there. He likes to sit there and watch people doing their business.

Apartment Therapy New York | Hot or Not?: Japanese Aquarium Toilet
3/27/08 06:25 AM

This is, perhaps, a stupid question, but is this something that should *only* be attempted out of doors? Is it then an impossibility for an apartment dweller with no access to yard or driveway?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Laure's Project #1: Why Spraypaint is your Friend
1/9/08 06:17 PM

"I wonder if there is anything you can wear that will keep the bed bugs from biting."

Pure lavender oil. I never travel without it. Sprinkled my bunk with it in a dodgy hostel in Mumbai. I was the only girl in the dorm who woke up without bites.

Bedbugs Take Manhattan #8
8/7/07 09:24 AM

This is very similar to a Waverly pattern called Essence Onyx. I have curtains in that fabric; I got then on ebay. I think Bed, Bath, and Beyond used to carry them, but I think they might be discontinued there. I'm not sure if Waverly makes a shower curtain in the same design, but if you're using a plastic liner, you could probably adapt the window curtain as a shower curtain. Or, fabric web sites sell the Waverly Essence Onyx fabric, too.

The curtains pop up fairly regularly on ebay. Here's a pair:

Stop the presses! They *do* make a shower curtain in this pattern, and here's one on ebay:

Good Questions: Shower Curtains in this Great Chunky Pattern?
7/20/07 10:44 AM

I don't have much to add to the pricing discussion, but I wanted to weigh in on the protecting-furniture-from-cat-scratching discussion.

This is what's worked for me: provide lots of dedicated scratchable items for kitties (scratching posts, corrugated cardboard trays, etc.), and make the items they're supposed to avoid as untempting as possible . I used to dot tea tree oil on the edges of my sofa when I had two cats, both with their claws, both former ferals. After an hour, I couldn't smell the tea tree oil anymore, but it seemed the cats could smell it for weeks. If I saw them put a claw on the couch, I'd reapply and they'd avoid it again. I had a tweedy fabric couch, and I never saw any staining from the oil (but I tested it on the back first).

Good Questions: What's a Fair Price for my Beloved Club Chair?
7/19/07 09:47 AM

This won't kill the bugs, and most likely won't do away with the infestation, but it will minimize or prevent bites while you're trying to get rid of the bugs: pure lavender oil. Sprinkle it liberally on yourself and your bedding before you go to sleep.

I'm a budget adventure traveler, and I always carry a small bottle of lavender oil with me. I spent a few nights in a seedy youth hostel in Bombay (no other cheap beds or rooms available at the time). I was sleeping in a women's dorm. I sprinkled my cot every night with the lavender oil: no bites. All the women around me were munched on!

Bedbugs Take Manhattan #2
6/14/07 06:44 PM

The more I look at this, the more I like it. The only thing that strikes an off note for me is the floor lamp in the corner by the pocket doors. The shade seems rather wimpy and dull in a room with so many swanky touches. Maybe a black drum shade, instead? (I don't know, I come to this site much more to learn than to teach, but that's the first thing that occurred to me)

#6 - Melissa's Pocket Magic
4/11/07 06:43 PM

Hi, this is the question asker (I'm excited that this got posted!) Hmmm, perhaps I have no idea of the cost of a custom piece like this. I was hoping I could get an unfinished hutch for about $300 (really, it only needs a top, sides, and doors, and it doesn't need to be very solid 'cause nothing heavy is going on top).

Any woodworkers or cabinet makers out there who can give me a quote?

The other argument, besides cost, against a new TV is my available space. I've got a full component stereo system, including turntable, inside the console, and the only space for the speakers is on top -- the two speakers are now sitting on either side of the TV. If I get a TV that takes up the top of the console, I'll have to figure out something else to do with the speakers (I've just moved to a new studio, and the wall I liked best for the media spot is fairly narrow, between a window and a doorway, as you can kind of see in the picture).

Good Questions: Cost for a Custom Media Hutch?
4/10/07 10:33 AM

kate, I like what you did with the Expedit, but I think you have the meanings of "vertical" and "horizontal" confused. :)

Good Questions: Landing Strip Solution?
4/9/07 08:58 PM