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Absolutely love this!

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Inspiration: Rainbow Walls
9/29/09 07:16 PM

Love it! I would love to know how to purchase it as well.

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | A Tree Becomes a Book Becomes a Tree
9/29/09 11:45 AM

Wow! Looks amazing though I agree that climbing could be an issue :)

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Inspiration: Big Toy Storage for Big Toy Collections
9/28/09 04:43 PM

Love the patterned birds! Very pretty :)

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Reader Project: Tree Mural#comments
9/25/09 02:23 PM

She is very talented! Very cute!

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Octonaut Cake and Cupcakes by Coco Cake
9/25/09 02:22 PM

I really like the Snow White and Cinderella prints.

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Fairy Tale Characters: Alternatives to Disney
9/24/09 04:21 PM

Nice ideas. My mom had "no children" rooms in her house which I refuse to have. That art print in the bedroom is really nice too.

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Kid-Friendly DecoratingMy Home Ideas
9/24/09 04:11 PM

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
I 2nd Sylvester and the Magic Pebble and Harold and the Purple Crayon.

Its not a picture book but I think the Bunnicula series would make a fun movie :)

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Which Children's Book Should Become a Movie Next?
9/24/09 02:26 PM

Very cute desks!

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Morgan Desk#comments
9/24/09 12:51 PM

Definitely sounds interesting. I don't think I would be adventurous enough to try this unless I was a stay at home/work from home mommy.

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Elimination Communication: Babies That Are Diaper Free#comments
9/23/09 11:36 AM

My fiance made some yummy chocolate chip cookies last night :) This post makes me want some more!

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Cooking with Kids: The Lazy Baker
9/23/09 11:21 AM

I loved his nursery the design! Thought the Boat Mobile was fabulous.

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Inspiration: DIY Boat Mobile
9/22/09 05:14 PM

I love this color combo!! The white flower graphics are gorgeous too.

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | A Grey and Yellow Nursery Nook
9/17/09 09:59 AM