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perhaps you have been adopted.

Tips for Keeping Stray Cats Away?
10/9/10 08:41 AM

Sorry--the other was a bad link :)

"To Avoid a Sense of Confusion" Etiquette Tips from 1906 Retrospect | Apartment Therapy New York
11/12/09 02:36 PM

(this is an amazing vintage clothing site--:)

"To Avoid a Sense of Confusion" Etiquette Tips from 1906 Retrospect | Apartment Therapy New York
11/12/09 02:34 PM

i grew up w/ live trees and love the smell..
we always went to the tree farm to ride wagon and cut it down ourselves :)
this year will be a fake tree as the kitty loves to drink the water and the tree dries out too soon.
i love the idea of a live wreath to have the smell.

on the note the fake trees last for 20 years.. that tree will be looking mighty pretty by then i imagine.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Reader Survey: Are You Buying a Real Christmas Tree?
12/13/08 10:21 AM

very nice and clean look..
what paint color did you use in the living room?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | House Tour: Tracy & Rex's Southbay Home Los Angeles
11/7/08 12:33 PM

isn't this a fire hazard to have cardboard in contact w/ wiring like this?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look!: New Use For Empty Toilet Paper Roll
11/3/08 09:42 AM

I did not know you can get all ben colors in the aura paint.
(the ones they have have on display seemed to have a rather dirty looking tint to them.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Benjamin Moore Aura
9/2/08 08:26 AM

I had good luck when i used them for my move coming from a 4th floor brownstone.
(can i mention it was hot as hell and the guys were sweating like crazy. these fella's sworked hard)
i moved my artwork and really fragile things myself w/ a car owning friend.
I packed everything on my own.
nothing was broken except i did have a scratch on the wall of the new place but not a biggie as i have a long vintage couch.
they were not the cheapest but it was the best money i ever spent. i was all rested to start unpacking right away.

Apartment Therapy New York | OZ Moving & Storage
8/29/08 07:17 AM

what a great catalogue--
Is it just me or why do all the US catalogues not seem to be as cool?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Inspiration: Bedrooms from Toast
7/22/08 01:54 PM

what a shame.
am i the only one who thinks knotty pine is cool?
why move somewhere and go through all that?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Readers' Rooms: Blackbird's Knotty Pine Paneling
5/16/08 12:23 PM

Home depot has different finishes.
"soft white" gives more like a traditional light effect.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Can I Rewire A CFL Fixture?
4/14/08 12:21 PM

this was a martha suggestion a number of years ago.
for wrapping paper---asian language newspaper works really well. (can usually find it for free and then we are re-using instead of buying new)
it gives a real graphic look and there are usually fun pictures if you want some color or pizazz.

Apartment Therapy - Tips: 31#comments#comments
11/29/07 08:07 AM

actually i have this same chair i found on the street.
mine was painted black but underneath was a very pale yellow. I am jealous you have the whole set.
mine had the cushion which had a wood base and the ever lovely brown vinyl w/ piping on it.
I use it for inside to have an orange/brown oxford type fabric w/ leather piping.
the contrast piping adds a nice pop.

Good Questions: Where Can I Get Seat Cushions for These Chairs?
8/3/07 05:24 PM