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I also once painted a bathroom bright orange. It is true it makes everyone look awful. Awful.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | DIY Mistakes
2/5/09 01:02 PM

If you have lots of time to redistribute your books giving them away to friends is rewarding. My husband and I did this the last time we moved and everyone was thrilled to get an unexpected gift. We did still donate a box of books that didn't have obvious new homes to housing works, but felt really good about the connections we made by distributing our books personally as well.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | How To: Declutter Your Bookshelves
12/16/07 05:05 AM

After a couple of bad roommate breakups with "good friends" I was living with (no crack or stealing- but late rent, "accidentally" locking the deadbolt before I got home that sort of thing) I moved in with a complete stranger who turned out to be one of my favorite people on earth- I stay with her every time I come back to new york and she was my maid of honor at my wedding this summer. the other two- are lovely people when you are not living with them- but not really in my life anymore.

Apartment Therapy - AT Survey: Deadbeat Roommates
11/14/07 05:16 AM

If someone had invited me to this apartment while I was in college I would have been floored.

Apartment Therapy - #39 - Matt's Color Everyday
10/29/07 05:19 AM