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Hi Janie,
you can start whenever it feels like the right time, though it is 'easier' before say 6 months as they go often enough that you have plenty of opportunities to 'connect' the action and the cue (wees and poos to perhaps a sound or word cue)

- Though lots of cultures start around that time as baby is sitting up and NOT wetting so much!

Many ways. EC is 'better' for those families practicing it - that is why they do it!

May I offer a link to my resources helping families ease into EC part-time? I am really enthusiastic about helping families ease into baby pottying as a way to reduce diaper washing and waste.

I have put together a free introductory series of emails - a guided tour about the best attitudes to adopt when beginning EC. It's very popular!



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9/17/09 12:10 AM

Hi Sarah,
Thankyou for helping share the concept of EC to more people - you might just change someone's life - that's how empowering and wonderful baby pottying can be!

I'd just like to reiterate that yes, diapers are used when practicing EC in our cultures, I like to say that "diaper free is the DESTINATION, not the starting point".

Sadly, people think we who do EC simply never diaper our babies and let them then just go where they will - that's something else - and probably a mess!

Infant Potty training isn't like that - yep, you can ease into it part time, gradually build up your confidence and REDUCE the number of diapers your baby wears - think of it as keeping the diaper drier for longer.

They will still use the diapers - if it was as easy as not using a diaper, we'd all still be doing it!

I have members at my site practicing EC with their 8th child, their third, as working parents, urban parents - consistency is important, but hey, other kids use diapers full time as a toilet for 3 years and get over it, so peeing in a diaper now and then is no biggie for a baby having EC experiences!

The potty break is simply another activity in their day, a chance for fun, smiling and singing with Mom or Dad or big sibling!

About Potty Songs:


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