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One thing I have done for my nieces in my normally child-free home is to save just the living room as a place where they pretty much can do whatever they want (except jump on my couch - I have to draw the line somewhere.) After Christmas when they had way too many toys at home, they got to pick some to go into a toy box at my house. The kids were totally willing to give up some toys when they knew they would still get to play with them sometimes, and the parents were pumped to get them out of the house. I love the idea of taking the parents on a tour to help you find the dangers you might not think of.

How To Host Kids in a Child-Free Home
2/3/14 06:58 PM

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DIY Project Idea: Bird's Nest-Inspired Lamp Shade Catch My Party
11/25/13 01:51 PM

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DIY Project Idea: Bird's Nest-Inspired Lamp Shade Catch My Party
11/25/13 01:51 PM

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DIY Project Idea: Bird's Nest-Inspired Lamp Shade Catch My Party
11/25/13 01:51 PM

something something cigarettes.

DIY Project Idea: Bird's Nest-Inspired Lamp Shade Catch My Party
11/25/13 01:51 PM

Congrats on your new home! I just bought my first house as well and have similar colored floors. I have one big open space with two hallways that lead to smaller rooms. All of the open rooms and the hallways are painted Behr Sterling which is a light bluish grey right out of your painting - and I love it! In the bright sunlight it looks slightly blue, and in any light it really brings all of my wood furniture to life, and all of my artwork really seems to pop against it... I think it would look great with your floors, sofa, and the white fireplace and trim. The other rooms are painted their own colors, but I have carried the theme of white trim and dark grey doors throughout to tie everything together. I think I would get bored if every room was the same color.
I am jealous of your entryway. I would be tempted to wallpaper it with a coordinating color, but I just learned how to hang wallpaper and am kind of obsessed!

Paint Ideas for Room with Navy Sofa? Good Questions
11/19/13 08:15 AM

Dragynphyre: I am the exact same way. I have been known to straighten my collars with my hair straightener as I'm getting ready in the morning. It works!

What's Your Cleaning Weak Spot?
10/23/13 10:47 PM

As a Canadian, I agree with the curtains, the caulk, and the plastic... it's even better if you do all of them. If you DO decide to go with the plastic, buy a higher quality kit. I have had great results with the 3M window kits - the adhesive tape came right off in the spring without damaging the paint at all, and you could reposition the plastic as you worked. I tried to save $5 the next year and used a hardware store brand, and it was harder on the paint and not as easy to put up.

What Is the Best Way To Keep Our Apartment Warm This Winter? Good Questions
10/23/13 12:47 AM

I am closing on a house this week with basically the same kitchen (including that exact island which they are leaving for me). Definitely all of the woodgrain and white needs to be broken up a bit. There's something about open kitchen storage that always looks a little cluttered to me though. Since you can't change much in your kitchen I would paint the legs/bottom part of the island, hang some curtains or a roman shade, and hang a matching curtain on the door (you can get a magnetic curtain rod if the door is metal). That will give the kitchen a little oomph. :)

Facelift for Rental Kitchen - Remove Cabinet Doors? Good Questions
9/27/13 08:44 AM

For a big impact with little money or effort, I'd start with putting some big terracotta or brick planters in front of the white section, and then paint the shutters all a matching color that contrasts with the brick and the white.... I would probably choose black or navy, then paint the door a bright color. Trim the lower branches on your big beautiful shade tree, and add flowers to your landscaping for color, making sure it's not all the same height. Something taller should go under the middle window. I agree, take off the screen door if you can.

Suggestions on How to Add Curb Appeal? Good Questions
9/26/13 09:36 PM

My parents were hoarders when I was growing up (yes, as bad as anyone you would see on those TV shows), and so I never had the opportunity to learn good cleaning habits until I was out on my own. I cringe knowing I used to be "THAT roommate" but to me cleaning always felt like a punishment - I could be completely happy but while washing dishes or mopping a floor I would find myself getting upset because that's how my mother would be, and I had linked those feeling and actions together.

The thing that changed everything for me was she sends free daily email reminders/testimonials/inspiration and helps you change your attitude and turn your cleaning into an automatic routine for avoiding CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome! lol). Over time, her emails changed my attitude and habits, and even though I will never love washing dishes, I loooove the having the reward of a clean sink and counters. Now my house is never perfect, but it's generally always 15 minutes from company-ready. Now I tidy and declutter as I go, every week I spend an hour doing floors, windows mirrors, dusting etc (my place is small, so that's more than enough time if I'm not moving furniture), and every week I have a zone that I spend more time on and do a really deep clean, which doesn't take long because of all the quick maintenance the rest of the time. If I don't happen to get to it, I don't sweat it though, because I know I'll get to it again soon as part of the routine. Getting rid of clutter was the biggest lesson, because being surrounded by only the things you love makes your home more peaceful AND easier to clean.

\"Tidy Time\" vs. Tidy All The Time:
A Key Concept To A Cleaner Home

9/15/13 09:06 AM

Hahaha your bathroom is amazing! Since you only intend to keep those colors / fixtures temporarily, I think you should embrace it and increase the 70's cheese. I totally agree with mej.69 about the palm frond wallpaper. If you don't want to spend much since you're eventually changing it anyway, I would paint it a slightly paler version or the purple or the green, and use some plastic frost on the shower door to tone it down a bit. Get some sweet 2nd hand 70's bath accessories and artwork, and it will be a great conversation piece and a hilarious surprise to all of your guests. It's just until you renovate, so why not have some silly fun with it?

How Can I Make this Purple & Green Bathroom More Tolerable? Good Questions
9/13/13 08:47 AM

In Darjeeling Limited, they do an excellent job of powerful color schemes. The yellow hotel in France is amazing, and so is the turquoise train.

The Most Colorful Rooms on Film
9/9/13 01:34 PM

I love your space! I agree with most of the other posters, get a small table with leaves to make it extendable and put it in the corner near the kitchen. I would put the couch against the wall with the windows if they are high enough (it sort of looks like they are), and put the TV against the opposite wall. I would get one or two small chairs for additional seating in the living room area that are also a suitable size/height to be used at the kitchen table when you have it extended.

Layout Ideas to Include Both a Dining Table & Sofa in Smallish Combo Room? Good Questions
9/9/13 08:39 AM