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wow, these would be fantastic for the family room steps. so colorful and fun!

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5/1/08 12:23 PM

ok, but what i want to know is how can i get that Star Trek Next Generation Address Book from the photo!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | How To: Donate and Recycle Common Household Items
3/31/08 05:53 PM

i don't think that it is entirely off-topic. it's about house-keeping etiquette. it definitely seems awkward trying to get toiletpaper when it is underhanded. i suppose my husband doesn't notice as it's a 50/50 toss up whether he rolls it "right". we've never had a conversation about it though.

Apartment Therapy New York | AT Survey: Which Way Should Toilet Paper Roll?
3/5/08 11:36 AM

The purple/blue "peacock"-like teatowel by F&F is my favorite teatowel I have in my kitchen. While I have an assortment of other fine, professionally-made towels, the flour sack is especially absorbent, soft, and a great size, on top of their fantastically funky and colorful designs. Highly recommended!

Apartment Therapy New York | Tea Towels by Fisk and Fern at Etsy
2/21/08 05:32 AM

it would be amazing to finally be able to host an asian/eastern-european fusion dinner party for our families in our own fairly-newly purchased first home.

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12/21/07 05:19 PM

i'm sure the first thing they'd do is try to put our dog in there (boston terrier).

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12/21/07 05:11 PM


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12/21/07 04:54 PM

the darjeeling limited would bring me joy

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12/18/07 03:14 PM

these are so amazingly sweet and delicate, love it!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Gift Bag 2007: Heath Ceramics Winter Bowl Set Books
12/18/07 03:12 PM

the french oven is really the go to piece for me: stews galore and bread, yum!

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12/18/07 03:09 PM

polar bears are awesome bears. i would looooove this to snuggle on my couch!

Apartment Therapy New York | Gift Bag 2007: Bear Hug Blanket from Mxyplyzyk
12/18/07 03:06 PM

It would be a small, but certainly useful enough, consolation for not being able to afford paperstone countertops!

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Gift Bag 2007: Large Paperstone Cutting Board from Recycline
12/11/07 11:28 AM

My husband and I had the most amazing seafood paella along the Mediterranean on our honeymoon in Barcelona three years ago. Fantástica!

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12/11/07 11:27 AM

I love slow cooking my family's recipe for Chinese Congee (rice soup). It's so comforting and healthy especially during the cold months. I have one hand-me-down le creuset pot (red, too!) from my grandmother which is literally the one kitchen item I love above all others. It would be a dream to have a set!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Holiday Gift Bag 2007: Win a Le Creuset 5-Piece Set
12/11/07 11:20 AM

fun and functional, i love it!

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12/11/07 11:16 AM

i love this and i really love the pendant lamps, i wonder where i could find something like those. any ideas?

Apartment Therapy - Look: Lovely Table Setting at Back 40
11/28/07 12:04 PM

how exciting! i am very interested to see what new content managing and community are in store, and of course EVEN MORE AT-goodness.

Apartment Therapy - AT Countdown.....
11/16/07 11:12 AM

How fun! I love when I come across a great resource that I can refer to again and again -- this is what keeps a book on my shelf. As full-time professionals, it's a challenge keeping up with housework, especially now that we've moved into our first home. It would be awesome to see what tips Martha has that works for both of us, our schedules and budgets - a bonus would be techniques for the workplace and post-cooking experiment cleanups. We also have a very energetic Boston Terrier to keep us on our toes! Photos would be included, of course.

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11/8/07 08:32 AM

As an avid gamer, who wouldn't be delightfully squirming in anticipation for the release of what is claimed to be "the ultimate console"! In my eyes, game variety has always seemed to hold the Xbox back, but I've found my spirits rising considerably with the new variety of upcoming games such as Beautiful Katamari and Rock Band. Nothing less than the fairest review would be in order, and I would do so by judging it using every means at my disposal:

- Gamer expertise dating back to the dark ages of the Atari 2600 to today's revolutionary Nintendo Wii,
- A critical eye and attention to detail,
- Sharp, but tempered wit,
- And candid expression of the total experience.

I'd be paying close attention to the things that really make-it-or-break-it for the casual to the hard-core gamers: gameplay enhancements, graphics and audio quality, environmental aspects (aesthetic, noise, and temperature), comfort and usability, how it compares to its predecessors and other next-gen gaming systems, hardware upgrade usefulness and versatility, and overall enjoyment.

Some additional personal background:
In a previous life I was an environmental scientist, now turned web developer and designer. A particularly nice aspect of my job includes researching and reviewing the latest and greatest gadgets and technologies for application in enhancing the educational experience in higher education. I live and love design, reading, film, Japanese pop culture, and good food and wine. I obsessively rely on and greatly appreciate AT and its fantastic and collaborative community for home inspiration. It would be an awesome opportunity to contribute in an area for which I share a great passion!

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10/26/07 07:28 AM

Lately I've been in a simplifying mode and very much appreciating the value of history and craftmanship. So I've recommitted myself to repurposing, recycling, donating, freecycling, and selling away unnecessary things. It is so refreshing! Meanwhile, I've been envisioning this simpler decor: sturdy old roots, a sprinkle of new; the bedroom; a vignette of white sentimental items. Beautiful!

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9/13/07 11:36 AM