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As an interior designer, I love color, mixing and matching prints and patterns and being eclecting in my designs. However, I normally tend to go more neutral with the big items so as not to overwhelm the space. I get creative with the accesories, such as pillows, artwork, etc. which can be changed more often without breaking the bank.

My husband and I recently started creating lampshades using his original photography as the shades' prints. They are an affordable way of bringing color into a room and turning a regular lamp into a conversation piece.

Feel free to visit our Etsy shop: for many styles to choose from

Design Decisions: 3 Reasons for Choosing Colorful Investment Pieces
9/8/13 10:51 PM

Great selection of lamps! For those table lamps shown with their shades - turn them into conversation pieces by adding original photography lamp shades like the ones found on our Esty shop:

Bedside Lighting: 10 Great Modern Lamps
9/8/13 10:13 PM