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Beautiful space! As a fellow renter, I really appreciate how you've made it your own.

I have a specific question for Jason or Jon: I love the art hanging in the window in the dining room. I would love to do the same thing in my rental as the only wall in our dining room happens to be a large window. What is the hardware you used to hang it? It looks like some kind of metal bracket? I would love a source if you can, or if any AT'rs know?


Jason and Jon's Highly Personal Design Lab House Tour
1/7/13 04:39 PM

I converted a small, round, white lacquer top, cafe size, wood table to a coffee table by finding an old ugly side table at a second hand store with nice mid-century legs, and put the legs onto the round table top. So far, it's incredibly baby friendly, and easy to clean.

Coffee Tables & Kids
1/12/11 08:10 PM

I literally laughed out loud so hard, I shook the table!

Monster Stroller by Elmer Presslee
10/19/10 04:10 AM

What if you took pictures of all the art and then had them turned into Moo cards? Then pasted them in a frame? Same sort of thing?

Great idea!!

Creating a Masterpiece From Your Child's Artwork | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
2/25/10 05:16 PM

I am getting ready for my first baby due in March, and would love a beautiful mobile like this for our space- we could all enjoy it, since we'll be sharing our Master Bedroom with baby!

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12/17/09 04:24 AM

We're so starved for space, and we have only one bathroom- this is perfect for us, and I will be one of the first in line to snap one up in December- I would rather pay the extra price to be able to fold it up and put it away, rather than have to stumble over a molded plastic tub.

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Flexibath
11/2/09 07:06 PM

Stunning!!! What a beautiful mural!
This is just simply inspiring. I could see a whole market for ready-to-apply murals like this.

I also LOVE the rug! Where did you get that?

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Henry's Vintage Travel Mural Small Kids, Big Color Entry # 16
11/2/09 07:02 PM

We are expecting our first in March, and will be modifying our 2 bedroom rental to meet several needs- right now our "Master Bedroom" is my office and studio, while our bedroom is the smaller "2nd Bedroom."

We'll be moving back into the MB and turning half of it into a nursery space, and then downsizing the office into the 2ndBR, and splitting that with a small nook for a guest I guess we're making 4 rooms out of 2...Wish us luck!! :D

The nursery will be in what once was the "closet." We've removed the doors, so it's now just a nook- perfect for the crib and a dresser, and we're replacing the closet with a large IKEA freestanding closet. We're also limiting our furniture- turning our bed into one with a deep headboard shelf so we can do away with nightstands. Hopefully this will leave extra room for a comfy nursing chair.

We're also turning the closet in the 2ndBR into the nook for the guest space, with a small sleeper sofa that can be folded out for guests, and a convertible table from C&B that folds away for my workspace.

I am really excited for the decorating challenge!

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11/2/09 06:53 PM