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Crazy. If you ever get a chance you can see Jasper on our blog. colinmcgloin.typepad.com
He's getting big and trying his best to walk. Hope Emmit is doing well. I wonder about the roommates all the time.

Emmit's 'A-is-for-Awesome' Bedroom
Small Kids, Big Color Entry #7

11/17/11 04:40 PM

I like it. Now I'm wondering if Emmit was roommates with my son Jasper when he was just a tiny baby? I remember his parents talking about how their home was a loft, or something like that. Small world.

Emmit's 'A-is-for-Awesome' Bedroom
Small Kids, Big Color Entry #7

11/17/11 04:33 PM

This looks dangerous to me. Aren't you supposed to avoid cords?

Look Up For Storage Potential
9/15/11 02:23 PM

What a sweetie. He looks a bit like our "early" guy did when he was born. Glad he's doing well. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Julian | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
2/22/10 10:50 AM

The shelves being right under the window seems a little dangerous. If a child climb up those, they could climb right out the window.

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Daisy's Big Bright Room Small Kids, Big Color Entry # 20
11/3/09 02:27 PM

The nap nanny is great. My son was born at 28 weeks. When he came home he needed to wear a monitor and sleep on an incline. The reflux pillows sold at most baby stores are not at enough of an incline. I had him in his car seat, but he was starting to not sleep as well. The nap nanny was a huge relief. He no longer sleeps in it. I took him out once he started to move around more in his sleep. Plus, he was able to sleep flat.

He uses it as a seat now or to take shorter, supervised naps. This is not just for the look and well worth the money. My freind recently had preemie twins. She also used the carseat and then switched to the nap nanny. Both she and her husband recommend it to everyone.

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Nap Nanny
9/16/09 12:47 PM