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ryan - you've made this so lovely. when' the dinner invite?...

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4/24/10 07:49 PM

Hi Lucella,

I'd go for a light, bright color for the walls which will draw the eyes up (away from the floor tiles) and make the space seem taller/bigger - also warmer. I'm thinking of a citrus green or yellow, or an aqua blue.

I agree with others def try to re-grout with white grout which will break up that grid pattern. also repaint or replace the cabinet (ikea do some great mirrored ones which would help add light/space.)

Add a bright rug and shower curtain and some plants and nice bit of artwork and it will look great.

Try Lotus Bleu for some vibrant rugs and fabrics:

Can't wait to see the results!

Advice for This Bare Rental Bathroom? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
3/11/10 07:29 PM

Thanks for the great suggestions everyone. I like the idea of soft grey-blue.

Danica123 - I'd love to connect and see your photoshop images. I'm at rachel[at]sfgff[dot]org

Thanks all,

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | What Color Should I Paint My Kitchen/Dining Room? Good Questions
9/25/09 02:03 AM

Thanks for all the great suggestions! This is very helpful, especially the comments about red/yellow/fast food (I hadn't made that connection).

Djluckyonline - not sure about fuschia... but I agree, a neutral slipcover would open up more options. We originally got red to brighten up a white rental apartment. I wanted to get a sense of what might work with the red before just giving up and getting a slipcover. I know we can make it work.

-haley- yes, there will be other stuff going on... we have a couple of chairs (one red, one blue) and some quite bright/abstract modern art. Other fixtures and furniture are flexible.

Thanks KimberlyM! - it's a sleeper sofa from Pottery Barn. We need it for houseguests and the bed is super comfy. Any recommendations for more chichi but comfortable sleepers are welcome, but it's a real challenge. There's not much out there that passes the comfy bed test. So... we hope we can make the red work.

I look forward to any more comments and will post an update once we paint the room!


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9/22/09 04:23 AM