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I've been similarly intrigued by the http://www.windowfarms.org/ project developed thru crowd sourcing and intended to be affordable for many

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3/7/11 09:23 AM

I replaced a similar bi-fold in my front hall with a neutral curtain. Maneuvering through a crappy bifold door with a laundry basket was a pain. Now everything looks tidy when we have guests, and is accessible when we need it to be

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2/24/11 11:25 AM

LOVE that sectional & ottoman. Anyone care to guess who the maker was?

How might I describe it to the world in order to have one just like it be sold to me?

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2/18/11 01:54 PM

10 years ago, when I first started dating my husband, he wouldn't eat any fish - my mother had to plan an alternate entree sometimes. Repeated exposure to a huge variety of well cooked fish led to him gradually trying things off my plate, accepting fish broth soups, and eventually ordering lobster and salmon on his own.

I think the shift came about because I asked why he didn't like it - texture, smell, flavour - and then tailored the intros to minimize the negatives. Also not making a huge scene. And repeated exposure.

Adults are allowed to have preferences but tastes also change. Plus, using recipes from chefs/styles you know they like.

Mixing veggies into pasta sauce makes sense to me. Or making sweets like zucchini bread.

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1/17/11 10:59 AM

I'd vote for orange and yellow floors - unless you're going for the naval look, grey doesn't appeal to me.

That's No Sub Floor — That's a Space Station!
10/15/10 11:24 AM

I like to keep morning simple, so I've been adding sunflower seeds to oatmeal,
putting almond butter on wholegrain toast and drinking whey (from powder) to add protein to my mornings.

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10/15/10 10:39 AM

ghunt's IKEA tip may be location specific - Toronto has 3 stores and so much IKEA available on CL that it doesn't always move very fast.

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9/13/10 05:00 PM

I share your dislike for the halogens.

Your situation may be the one time I would support repositionable spot lights.

Personally, I've added flat ceiling fixtures to walls to resolve problems like yours in the past.

The other part of the solution will likely be floor/table lamps.

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11/11/09 08:28 AM

Pumpernickle bread with spinach dip

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11/10/09 11:31 AM

I suggest moving the bed under the window, and putting the desk at the foot of the bed. That way, you'll be able to roll the chair out of the way to access the closet when necessary.

Get a comfortable desk chair in cream or green, or a wooden one with a cushion cover.

I would also build on your green objects with a throw, extra pillow shams, art and a plant. A jade plant could add a dark green sculptural element.

Consider putting a stack of books on the lower shelf of the bedside table and moving the boxes onto the desk, possibly on either side of the remaining stack of books.

I like the suggestion of moving the current art into the wall between the closet and the door.

Look forward to seeing the "after" shots!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | How to Accessorize Spare Bedroom on the Cheap? Good Questions
9/15/09 11:26 AM