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I painted the bedroom red.

Plus red high count thread sheets. Soft lighting.

It works. Plus the room is always bright. I was worried the room would be dark with red paint, but it isn't. Never feels like a cave.

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2/13/11 12:29 AM

I even found an image of it:


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9/17/09 10:42 AM

Yeek. That is the very same cabinent that housed medical devices in the art deco horror game Bioshock.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Vintage Art Deco Dental Cabinet - $375 Boston Scavenger
9/17/09 10:38 AM

I had a Fisher Paykel dishdrawer in Australia. Dishwashers are less common in Oz and most of them tend to be small. Ours, being no exception, was a single drawer. We used it over a period of two years from new to worn. The points below are the cons of the experience.

Eco Mode = "Arh my dishes are still dirty!" mode.

One drawer was never enough space. Dinner parties took four loads (i.e. 8-10 hours) Dinners where I cooked at home took two loads.

After two years the grey plastic discolored to orange. Washing with vinegar did not fix this problem. (and no it was not mould.)

If the slightest bit of food was left on a plate the drawer became plugged and flooded the dishes. That meant fun clean up time.

Sometimes dish soap would solidify and clog the works. (how I do not know. It was a liquid cascade style soap.)

I often had to clean the insides of the drawer with a wire hanger.

Sometimes the electronics would get confused and have an error. To fix this I would have to turn off power to the dishwasher via the circuit breaker.

You know, thinking about this now, I would never get a dish drawer again.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Pros and Cons of the Fisher Paykel Dish Drawers Product Reviews
9/14/09 02:57 PM