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When this house was built the whole neighborhood was "surprised" not only by its scale in relation to the surrounding homes but by the heavy, masculine overly architectural design. The mix of modern, beach bungalow, craftsman is what makes venice unique. Some architects confuse the beach environment for an urban one and tend to overbuild

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Green Home: 700 Palms House
7/1/08 01:53 PM

Might be a southern tradition here in the US of A but the Greeks have been doing it for at least a millennium longer than we have. Not only on the ceiling of a porch -to emulate the sky -but on the inside of a Greek orthodox church cupola
as well

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6/30/08 05:55 PM

I own
Never fealt threatened to walk the streets (at 5'5" 115 lbs) alone-guess thats why I stayed. Maybe Ill move to Manhattan Beach once they all move here - "even if it changes essentially what it is" -
Ahh, Corporate America

Green Hotel for Venice?
8/1/07 10:00 PM

Part 2:
I find it both perplexing and ironic that a staff writer of a design oriented website should make a seemingly positive comment about a proposed hotel that would not only change the face and "feel" of a community but would also TEAR DOWN THE CHARLES AND RAY EAMES FACTORY!!!!!!!!!!
Know who they are???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This would not be happening in a city like Paris, London, or New York!! Maybe its because so many people move to LA for personal ambition rather than the love of the city and its history
An IKEA generation

Green Hotel for Venice?
8/1/07 09:41 PM

Having lived in Venice since 1985 I often feel sad about the changes the commuity has under gone in the last 8 or 9 years.With the crazy rise in property value the artists have had to leave for cheaper rents in other parts of town as well as the families who have lived for generations in the Oakwood section of Venice.Gone are traffic free streets,a couple of good resturants, a small number of quality shops, and a diverse eccentric community.Abbott Kinney now has a pinkberry and plenty of shops for all the 20 something kids who have moved in to shop, our very own SoHo!!! Im sure we'll be getting a GAP just like them soon!
Oh yeah, and Laure will have a hotel pool to swim in.

Green Hotel for Venice?
8/1/07 08:42 PM