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Oops, that's $225 per chair, not $275.

Before & After: Kaycee's Customized Kofod Larsen Chairs
2/26/14 11:16 AM

It's wasn't $200 per chair. She bought them for $275 EACH, plus $140 of yard in total, plus $200 EACH for labour and materials. That totals $1,090 for the two chairs. THAT is expensive.

Before & After: Kaycee's Customized Kofod Larsen Chairs
2/26/14 11:14 AM

Fridges usually have hinges on both sides, so you may want to move the swing so that the door opens to the room and not to the window (unless this is how you want it of course! lol) And I really love the idea of flipping the couch to the foot of the bed. Super small place, but super cute!!

Andrea's Teeny Tiny Hong Kong Home House Call
10/30/13 12:56 PM

Hi Dan!
Signed up just so I could send you a comment/observation/suggestion.
I've been a kitchen designer now for about 3 years (not the longest I've seen but still I've designed and seen my fair share). I've seen a LOT of kitchens, big, small, awkward, etc...There are certain cabinets that we kitchen designers hate using unless it's ABSOLUTELY necessary.
I've noticed in your new plan configuration that you have your range very close, almost touching the corner. Which leads me to believe that you will need a blind corner cabinet there. Blind corner cabinets should never be used unless super necessary. I'm not exactly sure what cabinet you intend to put on the left side of your range, but I would recommend putting in a 36x36 corner base cabinet on the right, or even a 33x36 if you need the extra inches along the range wall and then put a cabinet that fits to the left. Ideally, you'd want a minimum of about 12" from the edge of the adjacent countertop. (90 degree angle area). Don't know if I explained myself well enough, but in any case, good luck to you! You look like you have an excellent home and also views!!

Introducing Dan's Kitchen Renovation Renovation Diary
9/5/13 03:02 PM