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You could fairly easily get a curtain rod from Target or Home Depot and use very strong magnets - probably worth the rare earth kind - and use those to secure the curtain brackets. Some epoxy on the magnet would secure it to the bracket and then the magnet keeps the bracket on the metal beam. For a little more money, grab a few ikea knife strips. The magnets are very strong and you could certainly mount brackets to them. If you want them hidden, secure a few to the back of a long plank of wood made to fit the style with paint or stain or weathering and then mount the curtain rod to that. As long as the curtains aren't super heavy, it should hold.

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6/26/14 09:02 AM

I agree with you, Ali. I hang everything besides underwear and socks. I'd probably hang those too if the opportunity arose. It makes a world of difference - but does require a lot of linear feet of closet rod. And yes, by color seems to be best, even if it means mixing seasons.

Your "only 20 pairs of shoes" made me chuckle. At least twice as many as I have. 2x sneakers, 2x boots, brown casual shoes, black dress shoes. Plus rock climbing and sandals - do those count?

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1/9/14 06:58 PM

Bohnanza! It will reveal your soul. In a funny way.

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11/20/13 01:05 PM

Much, much better layout. I'm partial to hanging my pots and pants on the and would probably extend kitchen storage to where you have the bar table. I also have my bar hidden behind a picture in my living room so it can quickly be opened up for social gatherings. I have a very very small kitchen and don't have room for a bartender and cook in the kitchen at the same time. With the window near the bar table, throw a few cooking herbs over there too.

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9/5/13 01:38 PM