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I agree- this sounds very interesting and helpful for those of us who like to travel and decorate with "souveniers" from our travels.

Introducing the Apartment Therapy + Remix House Tour Series: Welcome to Jeanine and Bryan of Aphrochic
7/23/14 03:01 PM

Even though we are a family of 4, pretty much all 12 of our plates get used in a few days and washed together in the diswasher. This seems like good advice for people who don't have a dish washer and wash their dishes after every use, though.

One Simple, Smart Idea: Rotate Your Everyday Household Items
7/22/14 03:42 PM


NYC Approves \"Poor Door\" Developer Request Design News
7/22/14 03:38 PM

I'm also pro command hooks and particularly command strips for hanging art. We own our home, but putting nails into our ancient plaster walls is a pain. Now I just use the strips and pictures have been up for years. Granted, I am paranoid and always buy strips designed for heavier weights than I need and I probably use more than I need. Also, I guess if I were hanging a really valuable piece of artwork, I'd try to find a more permanent solution. But, for a $20 print in an IKEA frame, the Command strips are great.

10 Temporary & Removable Adhesive Products All Renters Should Know About
7/22/14 11:33 AM

I think everyone feeling sorry for Anne is missing the point! When you have a family, you have to make compromises. You have to prepare meals that are nutritionally sound and that your family likes. (Baguette, cheese, olives, and wine would be my "home alone" meal, but not ideal for a 4 and 7 year old). And, yes, your kids and/or your partner may be messier than you. But, there are many, many pleasures of having a family that I'm sure Anne would not give up for the world. I certainly did not read this post as a "woe is me" comment, just that it is fun occassionally not have to make those compromises. Besides, diet Coke for breakfast probably gets old really fast.

My kids also sometimes leave their underwear in the living room. When that happens, I tell them to pick it up (as I'm sure Anne does). I don't feel particularly oppressed by this.

How I Might Eat if I Lived Alone Kitchen Diary: Anne in South Carolina
7/14/14 04:14 PM

I think this is a great time to help your dad learn to enjoy delicious, but healthy food. How about some grilled salmon with mango salsa? Or a spicy, flavorful broth-based thai soup with a couple shrimp? A small filet mignon with a few roasted cherry tomatoes? I would think you want a lot of flavor, with very little bulk.

I respectfully disagree with the beer cheese soup suggestion. That's a good way to gain back all the weight one lost.

What Are Some Flavorful Foods to Savor in Small Portions? Good Questions
7/14/14 03:54 PM

I love it. Great room clearly designed for the little guy who lives there!

JT's Terrific Transportation Room My Room
7/14/14 03:42 PM

Oh my goodness, Adri22, people actually say that??? I know there are racists and anti-semites in the world, but it amazes me when people those people think their way of thinking is the norm. Perhaps I am just naive.

5 Things Not to Say (or Do) at the Flea Market
7/14/14 03:40 PM

I definitely prefer ice cream! Particularly non-fruit flavors, where I really miss the fat (and I guess custardiness) of ice cream. But, I feel more virtuous when eating gelato.

What's the Difference Between Ice Cream and Gelato? Word of Mouth
7/14/14 11:46 AM

Veslabeachgirl, I don't know what the fair price is for a "vintage" fan. But, if I am considering buying anything with a motor (or some other "working" part) I would assume or perhaps ask if it works. I am surprised that you would consider that a rude question. Please remember that some potential shoppers are not as knowledgeable as you are about vintage items and their worth.

5 Things Not to Say (or Do) at the Flea Market
7/14/14 11:34 AM

I also use sunflower seeds when I am serving folks with nut allergies. Works fine as well.

Does Blanching the Basil Really Make Pesto Stay Green for Longer? Putting Tips to the Test in The Kitchn
7/10/14 12:28 PM

I don't bother blanching the basil. I find my persto stays adequately green. Perhaps it helps that I add a bit of lemon juice. ChzPlz, I always make my pesto with walnuts instead of pine nuts because I've had that weird pine nut reaction that makes everything taste terrible for several days and I don't want to risk that again. I understand that walnuts are traditional as well. I think it's delicious.

Does Blanching the Basil Really Make Pesto Stay Green for Longer? Putting Tips to the Test in The Kitchn
7/10/14 09:44 AM

I guess I don't really understand the purpose of this. It seems that the point is every child gets their own cup, without taking a new one everytime they want some water. You could easily assign each kid a color and just have them set the cups on the counter or table (without the added work or potential magnet nature, if people are worried about that.) We have a set of colored tumblers in a drawer at kid height and the kids are encouraged to take one cup and reuse it for water all day. My 7 year old girl has assigned herself the "girl" cups- pink and purple, while her little brother gets the "boy" cups- blue and green. I could have written their names on the cups as well, but the kid-invented color coding system works in our house.

Clever Hack: Magnet Fridge Cups for Kids
7/9/14 03:05 PM

We kept our dog's bed in our non-working fireplace. It was a cosy den for her!

Making the Most of Your Rental: Reimagining the Nonworking Fireplace Renters Solutions
7/9/14 01:05 PM

I second the knives recommendation. Also, I LOVE my Breville.

Upgrade-Worthy: 5 Cheap Household Items Worth Replacing (When You Can)
7/9/14 12:55 PM

We own a modest 3-bedroom home. I like being about to do what I want with my home ( so I probably would not own a condo or home where I had to comply with HOA rules). Given the rent prices around where I live, I think it would be far more expensive to rent for our family of four than to pay our modest mortgage.

Is Home Ownership Still Part of The American Dream?
7/8/14 02:35 PM

Dahliaw, good point! We do check the labels when cooking for our friend, a little boy with celiac. We buy San-J, which is gluten-free (as pictured above).

The Difference Between Tamari and Soy Sauce Ingredient Spotlight
7/8/14 09:48 AM

I've had the best luck with a regional parent list serve. You can't post photos, so I provide a link to a craigslist posting as well. Parents on our listserve are often looking for a particular brand- a higher-end stroller or crib, for example. As a result, they are usually willing to pay more than someone would at a yard sale. I usually price things at one third to one half of what I paid. I pass clothing and toys on to friends, my kids' daycare, or other make other donations.

Kids Room Cleanout: How To Have an Online Yard Sale
7/7/14 05:00 PM

We have both because tamari is more expensive (we keep a big Costco jug of Kikkoman soy sauce in the pantry). We use tamari where it won't be diluted- like in a dipping sauce. We use soy for marinating or cooking unless we plan to have a friend with celiac disease over- then we always just substitute tamari for the soy.

The Difference Between Tamari and Soy Sauce Ingredient Spotlight
7/7/14 03:56 PM

Does anyone know where the kitchen cabinets are from?

It's Probably Time for a Replacement: 8 Easy-To-Forget-About Household Items
7/1/14 02:03 PM