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great idea.

But, if you are using a 100% wool, and if you increase the design with 30% in width and heigth, you could also felt the wool by putting it in the washing machine in a warm cycle.

Felt is denser than knitted wool, and keeps its shape better than the original knitted version of the wool.

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3/1/10 07:36 AM

I looked into the Belgian Jaga website, but I couldn't find the specified radiator. In their press links however, the PLAY radiator is mentioned because it was introduced by JAGA at the Salone del Mobile in Milano (in 2008). In that press document, prices are said to start at 300 Euro (excl. VAT).

Jaga Play Radiators are Colorful Heated Stacks of Fun | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
2/19/10 04:15 AM

It's available in Belgium and Holland as well (called 'molletje'). It's made by Zdeněk Miler. More info here: (in dutch...).

I have one DVD at home, and all my children love it!

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9/10/09 05:46 AM