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Hey-this is Christy. Not sure why I didn't realize this post was up sooner since i sent it back in November. ANYWAYS--I'm actually thinking I might try putting wainscoting up in the bathroom now to cover the tile. Anyone have any suggestions, ideas, horror stories? Thanks for all the great suggestions! We got a new sink and are getting new lights and medicine cabinet too.

Tile-Painting Tips or Avoid it Altogether?
Good Questions

2/6/12 03:07 PM

Ohh how I remember homemade toys and the bummer it was when you expected the real thing. As far as cpk names-mine was Pam Lila-not bad. But my sister had Godfrey Duke. We still laugh about that name.

The Original Cabbage Patch Kids (and Other Christmas Morning Disappointments)
12/7/11 10:17 AM

I take a picture of my little girl Sophia on the same blanket each month and add in the months in Photoshop or Picnik:

I have also been taking weekly pictures next to a sock monkey to show her growth.

Month-by-Month Baby Photo Inspiration
2/26/11 09:29 PM

I took some various old supplies laying around my house and made my own hanging "charts" from these papers....

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Cavallini Papers
9/9/09 02:57 PM