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Thanks for pointing that out, Stream13. The link has been fixed.

Small Space Furry Friends: Our Favorite Pets From Small Cool 2013 Entries
5/30/13 12:07 PM

Haha, Vee_BK! I have the same problem with tables and desks!

Top 10 Things to Buy & Sell in the Apartment Therapy Classifieds
5/29/13 08:59 AM

Ask and you shall receive: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/seating-for-swingers-porch-swings-187237

Best Summer Hammocks 2013 Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide
4/30/13 10:05 AM

We included the Architectural Artifacts auction in our Weekend Guide, which publishes every Friday and is also sent out as our Friday email. That was actually how I first learned about it!

Winning with a Low-Ball Bid:
How I Accidentally Bought a Giant Mantel

4/10/13 05:03 PM

That's exactly what I love about the rug -- even with powerful artwork on the wall, my eyes are still drawn to the floor!

Get the Look: Black & White Stripe Rug
4/9/13 06:07 PM

Thanks for pointing out the wonky order in the bottom row. They have been corrected.

Wonderful Wallflowers: Vertical Gardening Supplies for Small Spaces
4/2/13 04:47 PM

The Wannabe Wes Anderson - how did they know?

Your Favorite Instagram Filter and What It Says About Your Personality
4/2/13 10:18 AM

Thanks GreenKey - links have been fixed.

Easy Does It: Folding Shopping Carts
3/19/13 01:03 PM

I hear that, Carrotsticks! Our black cat sheds all our white bedding ... but I gladly lint roll it up in the morning. To me, it's worth the sacrifice to have crisp white bedding.

Budget Basics: White Bedding Under $150
3/11/13 12:07 PM

MAXB - If you're able to keep things tidy, you might consider removing the doors to your cabinets. You can stash them under the bed/in a storage unit. Not only will you lose the sight of all those ugly door fronts, it will make your kitchen feel more open. Just a thought. :-)

Before & After: Andrew's Long Time Coming Bungalow Kitchen Update
3/8/13 10:30 AM

Oh good, Earthy Cruncher, I was starting to think I was all alone in my love for patchwork pieces!

Buy or DIY: Punchy Patchwork Seating
2/15/13 10:12 AM

D'oh! As a Project Runway fan, I can't believe I left Mood off the list! Thanks for the reminder.

Best Online Sources for Fabric 2013 Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide
2/8/13 11:25 AM

Contemplative Martin Luther King Jr. Patchwork Portrait by etsy seller MelindaJonesArt

In Honor of Martin Luther King Day: Resources for Being of Service
1/21/13 10:20 AM

Thanks for the feedback about price, folks. I'll keep this in mind for future Battle for the Best posts.

Battle for the Best:
Closet System Shopping Experience

1/17/13 05:46 PM

Tumble outta bed and I stumble to the kitchen
Pour myself a cup of ambition
And yawnin', stretchin', try to come to life

What's Your Morning Ritual?
1/4/13 10:10 AM

We loved the blanket too so we asked during our tour - it's from Anthroplogie!

Barbara Barry Caned Bed from
McGuire Furniture High Point Market Fall 2012

10/16/12 07:30 AM

That's great to hear about the TJUSIG! So cheap and yet so practical!

Best Coat Racks & Coat Trees 2012 Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide
9/25/12 04:45 PM

Yes, re-listing a previous item counts!

Enter to Win a $1000 Shopping Spree on the Apartment Therapy Classifieds & Krrb.com
9/24/12 11:10 AM

It's the Babyletto Bowery Bassinet

The Weekend Guide: June 8, 2012 National, Local & Online Sales and Events Calendar
6/8/12 03:15 PM

Oops - blame it on 3-day weekend brain. Links fixed.

Matt & Leah's Modern Menagerie
House Tour

5/28/12 04:53 PM