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Hi everyone, Original Poster here!

Thanks so much for all the great comments! I'm still unsure of whether I should spend the time and money trying to make it work, or cut my losses!

Stellamystar- I actually do have something in the room of the same colour that I like. I got a 50s teak arm chair in the same green leather that matches perfectly. While it did help make it look more intentional, it just didn't do it for me.

Many of you have suggested things that aren't possible, given the fact that I'm moving and that I rent. For example I can't rip up the carpet, but thats irrelevant anyway because I'm moving into a place with hardwood floors.

Also, many of you have mentioned the fact that I have other vintage pieces that don't work with the couch. That's part of the problem. I've spent many years collecting pieces I love, with the fact in mind that eventually I'd replace the ugly couch with something I love.

I don't want to get rid of all that stuff, and replace them with lots of things I don't love, just to make a sofa I don't like work. KWIM? Anything I do will have to be temporary solution that doesn't cost a lot. If I was going to spend a lot of money to improve my space, I'd replace the couch haha.

Thanks for all the links to replacement couches in Los Angeles, however- I live in Canada!

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2/7/10 11:52 AM

Wow your daughter is one lucky kid! That room is huge and looks like so much fun- I want to hop in and play!

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10/16/09 05:48 PM

We sleep in separate rooms- he sleeps in the master on a queen, I sleep with my daughter on a queen in our own room. I'll often put my daughter to sleep and go lay with him for a while, but neither of us can get any sleep that way. He snores, and I roll around too much.

My ILs have a system set up that we may switch to eventually- they have two twins pushed together with just a small gap between, and use their own blankets. They get up at different times in the AM, and FIL snores so MIL wears ear plugs!

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9/28/09 03:25 PM

No. Here in Canada, Ikea is what postsecondary students get to start out with. It's expected that you will swap out your cheap ikea furniture once you can afford to.

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9/23/09 10:39 AM

Personally, I wouldn't add a rug, especially in a dining area. Plus, the floors are beautiful! I would go with some nice window treatments to fill out the space. And maybe hang the art up on the wall so it's off the table.

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9/17/09 08:01 PM

I just purchased a WallFix from Brabantia and it's amazing!

We have a tiny backyard and this was the only real solution for us. It looks like it would be a perfect solution for you, too. You drill it to a wall, it is very sturdy and holds two loads of laundry- then it folds up nicely against the wall and comes with a neat little cover. Looks like you could attach it to that shed right where the pallets are now. It's a bit pricey compared to a line but to me it's more than worth it- it's great quality, and holds a lot of laundry in a small space.

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9/9/09 09:21 AM