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If you can find them, uplights. Target used to carry them. I use them behind the TV, have one in the kitchen (have the long fluorescent bulbs in my kitchen too, dislike them for all but prepping food) and since they shoot the light upward, the light casts off the ceiling.

I also use lamps up high to get more light. I have one lamp on the top of one of my shelves above my computer desk (it's 5' tall). When I am not working (on Facebook, responding to emails, etc), I like to have some kind of light that is above me but isn't dramatic. I have limited space on the floor and with a rambunctious young cat, floor lamps are not a good idea. Anyhow, lighting up high and uplights are my resolve to my dark apartment.

How To Lighten Dim Apartment? Good Questions
7/10/12 04:16 PM

I have a pair of MEElectronics M6 (similar to the Westone 1 and Shure 215) for under $30. I paired them with Comply T500 tips and they are super comfortable and don't pop out. I use them mostly to sleep in (sleep tracks) but when I use them other than while sleeping, best set of buds under $40 you can buy and I have owned quite a few of them. Skull Candy (Titans and INK'd), misc, Sony, JVC, Philips, etc...) If you can't afford, or chose not to afford some of the buds listed, the MEE with the Comply tips are excellent for the price.

These Earbuds Always Stay In
7/10/12 04:00 PM

Those "cable management systems" are great. For those looking for more options, they're often called a raceway in the electrical world. You can also get bendable cable containment in tubes from the automotive stores. Those are often called "wire loom". You can get them in different diameters and different colors if you are the type that likes to add a bit of color.

This computer chick prefers to just hide the wires behind her computer table with fabric draped on the back. Makes it easier to mess with when I need more add, move or remove cables connected to my (desktop) computer.

Cord Wars: How I Won the Fight Against Nasty Cords
3/27/12 11:19 AM

I use black electrical tape on my Vizio TV. I haven't any idea why they can't redesign it (they claim that the light helps them trouble shoot during a tech support call. I also use black electrical tape for other annoying things that give out light (surge protectors, computer speakers, etc.).

In addition, I use a red alarm clock. Red light is far less intrusive than the blue or green LED lights. Then there's the trusty sleep mask. A good mask (silk covering) is a great way to go for anyone. There are certain lights that still invade my space from the remainder of my apartment so the sleep mask is the last defense in many to keep light from robbing me of sleep. Now to figure out a way to turn off the brain (the MP3 player works to a degree except the inner chatter that does not shut down).

5 Ways: Dim Standby Lights for Better Sleep
3/27/12 11:06 AM

I would say that the style (if I have one) of my home is similar to my wardrobe and also reflects who I am. I'm casual yet put together using earth tones both in clothing and my home, technology is a big part of my life (so there are black anchors both in my home and my clothing) and I obviously am a bit rigid because things have to be "just so" both in my space and in my head but I think my home is comfortable.

I think it's important that your home reflect who you are rather than the latest in decor trends. Some are bold and daring while others are nesters and need a sanctuary.

Do You Look Like Your Home?
2/29/12 04:31 PM

annekg -- if you live in the US, a simple $40-$45 humidifier from Walgreens will fit the bill. I have one and the light can be on or off and is super quiet too.

I also have an Air-O-Swiss 7145 which is about $119 on Amazon, but honestly, it's way more maintenance and the mineral granules don't do a great job of cutting back on the mineral dust. I give it a thumbs up for design but it's also noisier than my Walgreen's humidifier so it's banished to the hallway. It has no light.

Roundup: Unobtrusive Humidifiers
12/19/11 04:51 PM

If I had my druthers, I'd have a two/double drawer dishwasher.

One drawer to load dirty dishes and one to keep the clean ones in. Rotate as needed.

They are ideal for smaller households (singles and couples), save on cabinet space and since you can use one or both chambers, you save on energy. Just keep the rotation of the items you use daily.

Granted the big pots need to be hand-washed but most of my pots can't fit in the dishwasher or they just take up too much room for it to be efficient enough.

Dishwashers: Kitchen Saviour or Waste of a Cupboard? Melbourne | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/4/10 11:45 PM

You give hope to all the sad little chairs out there that need a bit of TLC. Great job!

David's Updated Vintage Store Find | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/19/10 09:55 PM

Yeah, I have to agree. It's a big "no" in my book.

It's forced, not funky enough to call it funky and weird in one of those "I'm ashamed to stare" kind of ways. It made me think of the homemade puppet booth my niece and nephew made many years back. That works for a 4 and a 6 year old but not in what looks like a fun but adult home.

I agree with others. Embrace the TV, get a stand that helps it feel like it belongs instead of feeling like it's teetering on a cliff. Perhaps trade it with someone for a smaller one so you don't feel like it's overpowering your space. But the placement, the fabric, the execution is just off.

How To Hide Your TV Using Fabric | Apartment Therapy Boston
2/18/10 02:53 AM

"not everyone who is messy has a compulsive disorder"


Complacency, external pressures, time and a million other reasons are a factor in many messy homes. Even for those without compulsive disorders it can get out of control and it just seems overwhelming to tackle it all.

I was one of those until I had to downsize from a 1400 sq ft house to an 885 sq ft apartment. Personal issues helped it get out of control and it took a move to get me back on track. I also got rid of 1/2 my crap that I had accumulated for 20 years.

Now I've only not made my bed 2 times since the beginning of June 2009. I can't stand clutter (except for the second bedroom as it's being used as storage while I look for larger digs). With my move went most all my 90s decor (but for key pieces that are classics) and am enjoying being free of a messy home.

Some people just need a push or some help to get back on track and are able to stay the course long term. Also, having that change back to order really frees up the mind and since you feel good about your home, you realize it's easier to keep on top of it rather than let it get messy again...because it's a mental exercise to go from organized to messy and get back again.

Oh and not all ADDers are messy or slobs, we just need to keep that order or it gets out of control pretty quickly. I've found that I can do two things: short bursts of cleaning each day which works for ADDers or I can get into hyper-focus mode and do a serious spring cleaning once a month. I do both now because I am weird.

The Best of Clean House | Apartment Therapy New York
1/30/10 01:55 AM

Yep, some fun stuff but mashed together like that it is not "the right amount of organized chaos" nor is it relaxed.

Organized chaos is great in a living room/family room or den but in a space that is meant to reduce stress for sleep, that would only increase anxiety for most people.

Going back to a reader question from yesterday, get rid of the stuff and go back to basics here. What stuns me is that a designer actually thinks this is acceptable in a bedroom.

A Handsome Hampton Home Habitually Chic | Apartment Therapy New York
1/27/10 06:57 PM

As others have said, declutter.

I would:

Get rid of those floor lamps and look for two smart looking table lamps for either side of the TV and a different (but same style) for your desk. Target has a nice selection of lamps under $25.

Yep, floor length on the curtains.

Get rid of the contemporary desk and look on something like Craigslist or go to thrift stores for a solid piece of furniture (can even be a nice dinette table for size considerations) if you must have your computer in the room. Get some structured baskets to put things in to contain them. I often find them pretty inexpensive at Ross's home decor department.

The little table under the clock is underwhelming. Either look for a nice piece of furniture to place there that adds height (either drawers which will help with the clutter of your desk or shelves with baskets) or eliminate it all together and put a fabulous full length mirror there and be rid of the free-standing mirror.

I also agree with the comforter. Find a nice duvet cover that compliments your greens that will add in some browns and/or blacks to tie it all together.

I have a black metal bed with brown (antiques) for the rest of my furniture and it somehow works. I think with minimum investment and keeping your eye out you can do a lot with your room.

I do agree that the clutter is going to kill you every time so for absolutely free you can straighten that room up, rearrange your furniture and the items on the wall and you've got a great basis that wont leave you pulling out your hair...then you can find core things that work for you because face it, we all have our own style.

It's amazing how good a room feels when it's in order.

How Do I Work With Black and Brown? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/27/10 01:50 AM

Except for the flooring, #5 is my kind of kitchen. I really desire that table. Simple yet has a personality.

Dining Room Gallery: French Country Style Grange, France | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/24/10 04:47 PM

Boy, there are so many coincidences around my life and the internet today.

I have been trying to come up with a solution to store the blankets I use for the times I am wanting to curl up and take a nap on my couch. They end up in my bedroom closet.

Anyhow, that could be done with so many different materials. Copper pipes, old chair backs, as someone mentioned ladders, etc. Right on. AT comes through with another inspiration to carry into my own home.

Retail Display Inspiration Look! | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/21/10 07:47 PM

There's a theme going on around the home decor sites today it seems. Censational Girl hit on this with an entry on her site today:

Funny how our mindset is that somehow our homes aren't pretty enough, stylish enough, hip enough so we sulk in our inability to decorate like the pages of a magazine...yet if you take it apart piece by piece, those things usually have a meaning so they make the whole look like home again even if you may never see your home on the pages of a mag or even places like AT.

If what makes your home a place that you can invite friends over or just close out the world works for you, then I say you are the best designer you know. After all it's just you and your family that have to live with the contents and if it makes you happy, then so be it.

Sites and mags on home decor are for inspiration. What you take away from it may bring a whole new thought process to your home but ultimately it comes down to personal style, comfort and the constraints of budget or the walls containing your "stuff".

Go you and you and you (whoever you are) for making your home what it is.

Finding the Beauty in Your Home: Ask a Visitor | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/21/10 07:38 PM

Julie - there's a huge difference between low-grade apartment/tract builder brass and high end and even mid pricing on brass fixtures.

I too have one of those ugly apartment issue "brass" chandeliers and I hate it with all my might. I can switch it out but I don't intend to stay here long enough to make the time and spend the money. I've even contemplated taking the ugly thing down and putting a white electrical plate to cover the hole. Again, I don't plan on being here that long so it's more effort than I am willing to put in.

I have looked at the options out there and there are some nicer brass fixtures but the pricing is considerably higher.

Accents of Gold and Brass | Apartment Therapy New York
1/11/10 03:03 PM

That first one creeps me out.

I'm thinking something you might find in Willy Wonka's house.

Loving #3 though. Sleeping outside is fun, to do it in style would be a dream come true.

5 Fantasy Beds | Apartment Therapy New York
1/9/10 02:01 AM

"Staying in is the new going out."

Huh. That's nothing new. It's been like that for most of the last decade for so many people I know. Perhaps it's my age group (Gen X) that have families, though I don't.

Also, (tragic) events at the beginning of the decade made people rethink how important family and friends are over going out to expensive restaurants or buying watered down drinks at 10 times what you'd spend to do the same at home in an intimate setting.

Home Predictions for 2010 | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/9/10 01:55 AM

No worries, I too thought of condoms but the "hung" part made me giggle!

Plastic Bottle Cap Lampshade | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
1/7/10 10:49 PM

I use a Walgreens flavor (an ultrasonic built by Sunbeam) and the Vornado 4x4 (which they no longer make) and they get the job done very well.

The Walgreens one used to cost $30 now with a lame nightlight (which is blue and not good for a restful sleep - blue and green lights are not good for electronics in your bedroom) it's $40. However, it works very well.

I don't recall how much my Vornado monster cost, it's ugly but it works very well. I can get the wicks for $13 at the local Bed Bath & Beyond now, which is very convenient.

Living in Colorado we are already dealing with a dry climate but in winter, heating sure makes it that much worse. I keep my humidity levels at about 45% and it really helps my skin and sinuses a lot. They are a necessary appliance around here no matter what you use.

However, leaving a few bowls of water out would not create enough humidity in our climate. One can find stylish ways to protect the surface of where a humidifier sits like going to a tile store and get a large 12x12 or 15x15 marble or granite tile that matches your decor. Sometimes you can find odds and ends at said stores that are much cheaper too. At least you are protecting your furniture in a semi-fashionable way.

5 Humidifiers to Consider | Apartment Therapy New York
1/7/10 01:09 AM