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Wow--I am in the market for a mattress right now, and I had not heard of this at all! It is certainly reasonably priced compared to normal and organic mattresses, especially considering the memory foam.

They don't use the word "organic" on their website, though. What do people think about the green health benefits of this vs. the organic latex/organic cotton covered mattresses? One I'm looking at is at Furnature, here in Boston: http://www.furnature.com/natural-rubber.html

Apartment Therapy - Keetsa Mattresses
9/12/07 11:09 AM

Green bookworms should also find out about BookCrossing, a web-based initiative to share your books with others by "setting them free" and hunting for "wild books" liberated by fellow readers.

It works by registering your particular volume with a unique id, whereby all of its readers log in journal entries and you track its progress around the world.

Check it out!

8/1/07 12:41 PM