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Thanks so much for your response! My dog is just a puppy, but I can already tell that shedding will be a big issue. Guess I need to find something camouflaging instead. Much appreciated, and good luck on your art decision!

Does Art Around Window Need To Be Symmetrical? Good Questions
6/14/14 08:06 AM

I like the mirror on one side, art (in a grouping of similar size) on the other. While I do think you need to balance out the mirror, I find exact symmetry too bland.

And now I'm going to blatantly hijack your thread (sorry!) and ask you how you like your living room rug? I've been eying that same one at West Elm, but was unsure how it would hold up with a medium amount of traffic and a dog.

Does Art Around Window Need To Be Symmetrical? Good Questions
6/13/14 12:53 PM

I love these things. Mine have been through multiple moves (for me and several of my friends) and are still in rotation for laundry and gardening and grocery-consolidating tasks. When moving, I was took the entire contents of my closet still on hangers and laid them flat inside the bags. They barely had any wrinkles when I hung them up at the other end. I also loaded mine down with books, so heavy that they could barely be lifted, and they held up just fine. They're certainly worth the tiny investment for the amount that they're used!

In Praise of IKEA's FRAKTA Bag
4/8/14 10:21 AM