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A while back I bought one of those family meals from Whole Foods, and discovered the plastic salad container fits 2 bunches of chopped raw kale. They easily last a week (good enough for an individual or small family/couple).

Raw broccoli and cauliflower last for a week, & a little less if marinated.

Peeled oranges are fine for days, in the right container (seal well).

Appropriately dried ( & released from their bundle) and stored, fresh spinach lasts for close to a week as well.

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3/18/14 07:03 PM

Beautiful! Anyone able to tell me where the blue sofa in the first pic is from?

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3/18/14 06:57 PM

Interesting. To me those blankets on the seating read comfort. This looks like an older house to me (fireplace no longer functional). I dislike cold environments and appreciate something to wrap myself in.

The art is of course a personal choice, and the large frame needs to be hung at a particular height. It isn't too high; it's appropriate for its size. I didn't see crooked. I saw. angle.

I don't see how a rolling ottoman is that much different than a low stool. Cushioned stool, etc.

I find this post very useful, especially in regards to music and lighting.

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3/16/14 11:27 AM

Yes, I think a lot of families, do. With 4 kids in our family and all kids sharing bedrooms, clutter was an ongoing problem in our house.

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2/2/14 11:45 AM

I must be the only idiot who expected something fuzzy. lol

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11/25/13 11:37 PM

dkl, renters typically sign a rental agreement that would whose responsibility the yard is. I also resent the insinuation that renters don't give a crap about where they live. I garden. I'm a renter. We exist.

I personally would like a fence. Low or high, doesn't matter. Something that increases a sense of extended living space.

How to Increase Curb Appeal to Attract Future Renters? Good Questions
11/16/13 12:19 AM

Such great timing. We are in the process of a painful kitchen renovation. It hurts on a soul level, to not have an operational level. I live in a rental and let's just say--I was pulling out moldy, rotten, silverfish infested wood scraps. It made me cry. I was trying to explain to someone how upsetting it was and this person said 'the kitchen is the heart of the home.' So very true. Take care of your heart, and your kitchen.

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9/26/13 01:37 PM

Awesome. I LOVE pies...cupcakes can go to hell. Ha

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9/26/13 01:33 PM

Haha. Perfect EGGS is what I meant to type. But I also meant to vote 'never' and voted 'yes.' :::brain dead morning:::

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9/25/13 12:51 PM

Never. Butter + lower heat = perfect.

Do You Use Nonstick Cookware? Reader Survey
9/25/13 12:50 PM

Of course, when I say 'rinse blender' I do mean, I wash it later, when I'm doing other dishes after work.

The Smoothie Survey Reader Survey
9/16/13 01:14 PM

I have been having smoothies almost every morning since 2001. I have a hard time with solid food in the morning and don't want to get up an hour earlier just so I can eat something before I leave the house. Gets my blood sugar levels up, settles my stomach, and easier to have a strong coffee afterwards. I have turned my partner on to them, too.

I don't find them a chore at all. Stick in blender, blend, pour in cup, rinse blender with water...? I use a vintage Osterizer blender. Sometimes I drink straight out of it, lol.

I keep mine super basic: plain greek style yogurt, banana, frozen berries or other fruit, water. I keep fruit in the fridge for smoothies (hate them when their temperature is tepid). Sometimes I use kale or other greens but not a big deal. The point is to keep my stomach healthy.

The Smoothie Survey Reader Survey
9/16/13 01:14 PM

Their space is tidy and lively and they must be (and should be) proud of how they have incorporated their beloved things into this small space.

Saying that, I'm not fond of clutter or trinkets, either.

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9/8/13 03:05 PM

I'm not sure! It's interesting how similar the technique is to making consomme.

Have You Tried Swedish Egg Coffee?
9/7/13 03:45 PM

Oh, I'm sorry...just realized you wanted one with a filter! I fill it with my Brita water. Good luck on your search.

Recommendations for a Non-Plastic Water Pitcher with Filter? Good Questions
9/6/13 01:39 PM

I'm not sure where you could find this where you live (I live in Canada) but I have this:,default,pd.html?start=8&cgid=hls-kitchen-serving

$7.99, made in Italy. The lid (which seals wonderfully) is plastic but the jug is glass. I'm not sure about the exact dimensions but it is square and stout, and easily fits in my small, apartment-sized refrigerator. I looked for the perfect jug for years and can't recommend this one enough. It's very easy to clean, too, given it's wide opening.

Recommendations for a Non-Plastic Water Pitcher with Filter? Good Questions
9/6/13 01:37 PM

Poor Natasha! lol

Beige is, indeed, bullshit for many;)

\"You And I Are Like That Red Wall\":
Color Quotes from TV + Movies

9/5/13 11:26 PM

*Swedish immigrants

Have You Tried Swedish Egg Coffee?
9/4/13 08:12 PM

SaraO, I read about in Bon Appetite magazine (I think) and the article mentioned that 'Swedish egg coffee' is not drank in Sweden itself--it was something created by the immigrants to that area of the US.

Have You Tried Swedish Egg Coffee?
9/4/13 08:12 PM

I only just learned about this...I will definitely be trying it!

Have You Tried Swedish Egg Coffee?
9/4/13 08:09 PM