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I find it all has to do with pressure relief. Tossing & turning will be a result of pressure (restricting blood flow) which causes numbness, tingling & general discomfort. The body sends a message to the brain to move so you get the blood flowing= tossing & turning. Latex, visco/memory foam & select comfort are best for pressure relief. Get yourself pressure mapped. If you like firm you will find your body doesn't have many pressure points, that's why your body likes it.

Your body knows what is good for it!

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9/15/10 07:43 PM

I love the slightly muted red colour of those walls, can you tell me what colour it is & who does it eg: Nippon, British, Dulux?

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4/17/10 06:50 PM

I have an original tempurpedic mattress & pillows. Sex is better because you have much more contol without all that bouncing. Definatley can recommend the mattress. But beware of the cheaper memory foam, it will not last as long.

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9/6/09 05:33 AM