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That is one HAIRY looking rug... Though I'm in love with the color of the velvet couch.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Recipe for Style: Opposites Living Room
2/23/09 01:49 PM

Whoa, maybe If I lived in Miami... The "3 week old pea soup green" and "bad contemporary lighting fixture blue" killed it for me. Not sure what Pantone chips she was looking at...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | The Ultimate Room for Entertaining
1/14/09 03:06 PM


I am a seamstress looking for some work. I live in Columbus Circle. Let me know if you're interested in some fair priced work. Btw, eeeek on bedsheets and velcro! Go cheap, buy twice... no no, that simply won't do.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Inexpensive Window Treatments?
10/9/08 04:51 PM

I know it's a box store... but home depot had a beautiful soapstone counter and it was very reasonably priced. I am considering using it in my kitchen remodel.

As far as salvage, I am not sure if they pick up in Westchester but there is a company in Queens that is called "build it green". I love going there and finding great salvaged things like your tin ceiling.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Soapstone Countertops Contractors?
10/7/08 10:10 AM

What a wonderful contraption! Where do I start? I would steam everything until I ran out of tap water. I would use the steamer for it's wrinkle eliminating abilities as well as germ/cleaning abilities... nothing works as well as hot steam!

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9/11/08 06:33 PM

wow, everyone got in on this one...

All this talk about the "braid/rickrack/trimming" has got me laughing. Animal rugs are generally backed with felt to preserve the hide, pad it and protect it from rubbing/sliding on the floor. Sometimes the taxidermist uses two layers of heavy felt and uses pinking shears to create a shaped edge. This bear rug just happens to be backed with black felt and then backed again with a caramel colored felt. The top layer (black) has been cut away to reveal a nicely cut bottom layer (caramel) I do agree that it would look a hundred times better on a clean bright hardwood floor.

Apartment Therapy New York | Hot or Not? Sarah Palin's Alaskan Office Decor
9/7/08 04:39 PM

I want to run around in there with just my socks.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Kanye West's Apartment
8/28/08 12:36 PM

uh, try going up those after a bottle of wine!

Apartment Therapy New York | Amazing Staircase by TAF Arkitektkontor
8/28/08 10:18 AM

I like it, but a little bummed to find out someone was paid to do it. Sure, $80 for materials, and then another $40/hr for the labor... all those cuts, that measuring?! that adds up to a ton of money...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Before After: Jude's Impromptu Molding Treatment
8/26/08 09:19 AM

Holy stuff batman! Can you get to the bed?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Escape at Home: Christopher Lowell's "Work That Room"
8/26/08 09:11 AM

Growing up in southern New Hampshire I can attest to the great antique shopping. If anyone is making the trek be sure to include the "antique highway" from the Lee traffic circle to the Epsom traffic circle. There has got to be over 30 stores just on this one route alone.

Apartment Therapy New York | August Escapes: Antiques in Southern New Hampshire Boston
8/19/08 10:36 AM

Whoa, apparently I need to go into the upholstery business...

Since the seat and back rest cushions are separate it would be easy enough to make them. For the rest of the couch you can make a tailored cover. It would set you back two weekends, a bottle of wine and about 12 yards of fabric. Take a trip to the garment district and look in the fabric stores, remember always haggle, and you'll come out with something real nice.

Good luck!

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Any Info. On This Sofa?
6/11/08 07:26 AM

I have one for sale, $40.
Round base, brand new.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Where Can I Find This Lamp?
5/22/08 07:57 AM

yeah, I noticed the Tecate in the first picture. Cold beer ALWAYS makes a nice gift...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Best Fixer-Upper Housewarming Gifts
4/30/08 09:35 AM

My family has several rental properties and we really don't like renting to people with cats... sorry... It's because the urine (if left undiscovered) will actually burn and ruin the wood. Dogs are guilty too, but for some reason the cat urine is more damaging. Short of refinishing you can't really fix the dark spots. It's chemically burned wood. Call up your local flooring guy and ask him.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Does Urine-Off Work?
4/18/08 08:17 AM

There is also "Build it Green" in Queens. The guys there are very nice and they have a selection like no one else! Try them! I mean where else can you find 1920's stained glass panels next to a pink 50's dining table... for dirt cheap. Also check out their "paint room" for some killer vintage wallpapers.

Apartment Therapy New York | Recycled Kitchens from Green Demolitions The New York Times 4.10.08
4/11/08 08:31 AM

I know that building! 55th st?

Apartment Therapy New York | East #10: Yiming's Mahattan Prewar Studio
4/7/08 09:55 AM

ooooOoooo. Please!?

Apartment Therapy New York | Friday Giveaway: New Closets from Astech Closet
4/4/08 11:45 AM

Creepy, with a capital "C".

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Digging Up the History of Your Home
3/31/08 11:21 AM

WHere on earth can I find that rocking chair!?!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Hot Posts: 03.21.08
3/21/08 03:53 PM