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Using rain barrels can help with storm water runoff. I got a great kit to convert a 55-gallon barrel at

8 Ways To Protect Your Town's Water Supply

8/12/11 12:48 PM

Aren't all the dimples in the bottoms of the wine bottles are breeding grounds for mosquitoes?

Recycled Wine Bottle Garden Border
Felder Rushing

5/16/11 11:54 AM

I like GE Reveal CFL bulbs. They make a nice, bright light that looks good even if other lamps in the room are incandescent. GE Reveal CFLs are 2500 Kelvin.
See this page for color temperatures of other CFLs.

Recommend The Best Non-Incandescent Light Bulbs?
Good Questions

3/24/11 01:19 PM

We considered a buying pellet stove, but ended up buying a high-efficiency wood stove. The main reasons are: 1) the wood stove will burn locally cut wood, and 2) the wood stove does not require electricity to run. A pellet stove will not keep you warm when the power goes out during a winter storm.

Alternative Heating With Pellet Fuel Appliances
Green Architect

2/17/11 05:08 PM

To allow for seasonal wood movement, you should no rigidly fasten a table top to the apron. If you want to make a table like this, be sure to use tabletop fasteners. They are inexpensive and will prevent the wood from cracking or splitting with changes in humidity. You can get them from woodworking specialty stores and web sites.

How to Make a Dining Table from Reclaimed Wood
2/15/11 05:56 PM

Try a pet store to see if lids sold for opened cans of dog/cat food will fit.

Where Can I Buy Lids for Empty Tin Cans?
Good Question

2/8/11 12:10 PM

We are remodeling our bathroom and splurged by including a hand-held bidet spray with a mixer valve for hot and cold water!

Home Luxuries: Which Ones Are Worth It?
1/31/11 05:31 PM

I love my white Corelle! It is very durable (except that when it does break, it sort of explodes). It also is very thin so a stack of plates does not take up a lot of room--a great benefit in my small kitchen.

Budget Basics: Cheap White Dinnerware
Shopper's Guide

1/6/11 04:47 PM

Here is a sorting tip for delicate items like bras or other items that need special treatment. (I launder mine in the washing machine in cold water, but hang them to dry.) Keep a few of the zippered mesh lingerie bags wherever you get undressed. After you take off your bra, immediately refasten the hooks-and-eyes and put the bra directly into the mesh bag. When the bag is full, zip it and drop it into the hamper (my bags hold three bras). This way, the bras are easy to spot and launder correctly, and the rule is--no mesh bags go into the dryer. I do the same with my knee-highs.

How Do You Sort The Laundry? Roundup | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/18/10 12:46 PM

When I was trying to decide which rain barrel to buy, I found that the Aquabarrel web site had lots of great information on how to choose a rain barrel. Aquabarrel sells the Rainwater Hogs and many other kinds of rain barrels, as well as downspout diverters and filters. They also sell a drip hose that works great with rain barrels.

Rainwater HOG: Small, Modular Rainwater Collection | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/23/10 05:05 PM

I have two "Double Rail Z Garment Racks" that I bought through Amazon a year ago, and they are affordable and very strong. They allow me to use a tiny bedroom in my house as a walk-in closet. If I ever want to use it as a bedroom again, all I have to do is roll them out.

5 Alternative Methods To Storing Clothes Without A Closet | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
4/14/10 03:41 PM

I know it's not quite what you asked, but I use waxed paper inside a sandwich-sized reusable container like Rubbermaid or Tupperware. That way, I don't have to wash the container every time (saving water), and the waxed paper serves as a placemat when I eat my sandwich. The waxed paper is biodegradable (I think) and it holds the sandwich together; the reusable container keeps everything airtight.

Help Me Find Good Reusable Sandwich Bags! Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
4/13/10 01:04 PM

I have one of these, and it works beautifully, but not exactly "quietly" as stated.

Green Ideas: Get Your Drinking Water From the Air! | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
1/25/10 05:10 PM

I made my own rain barrel from a kit I bought online from Aquabarrel. It includes everything you need except the barrel, and it comes with instructions that are easy to follow. I think the Aquabarrel design is much better than the one on this page. Here is the link: Aquabarrel: How To Make a Rain Barrel Instructions and Parts Kit
They make kits for several different kinds of barrels.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | How To: Make a $25 DIY Rainbarrel
9/3/09 01:36 PM