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This headline uses the word "pairing" incorrectly, at least with the photo shown.

Making it Work: Little Art Paired With Large Art | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/12/10 09:21 AM

What is the point of this?? 2-3" thick reclaimed wood slabs would be just as durable a kitchen work surface as concrete, and would actually be way better on knives, plates, glasses...

obviously the person who executed it is very talented. But the person who thought it up, that is a different story. Soo tacky.

(And a butterfly joint would never be made out of iron...)

These Countertops Aren't Made From Wood | Apartment Therapy Chicago
12/17/09 05:01 PM

And I bet they used computers/printers to generate/print the map pattern to begin with. And if that's true, then, really, what is the point?

Apartment Therapy New York | New York City Map Cut Outs by Studio KMO
10/28/09 12:05 PM


It's not like saying, "why draw someone when you could take a photo of them," at all.

Because this hand-cut map looks like it was laser-cut. 99% of people who look at it would assume it was made by a machine. It would be like somebody perfectly carving a dining chair out of an enormous block of plastic, meticulously polishing and finish it, when nobody will every know all the work that went into it. That is to say, when nobody *should* know all the work that went into it, because it is basically irrelevant.

Why buy a hand-thrown rug? Presumably because it is of a much higher quality. If it was a poorly-made hand-thrown rug, I would buy the IKEA one.

Handcraft is beautiful when it embraces nuance and imperfection. When it tries to emulate technological precision, it becomes a waste of time.

Apartment Therapy New York | New York City Map Cut Outs by Studio KMO
10/28/09 11:26 AM

Rsfish, the point is that people, like yourself, are already in the market for appliances but, due to the economic distress, may not be able to afford the purchase. So the government provides some help, and encourages environmentally responsible choices in the process. You say you're going to buy a new dishwasher soon, anyway. And, with this credit, you will definitely buy an energy-efficient one. What is the problem?

The status quo is: people buy new appliances and throw out their old ones. In most cases, this program changes nothing in this equation except for making energy-efficient appliances more appealing to consumers.

However, some states have introduced appliance recycling programs to go along with the stimulus program. Check out this article:

Ultimately, if you don't want your old appliances ending up in a landfill, it is your responsibility to recycle them properly. We should applaud our government for encouraging the use of more energy efficient appliances, not blame them for creating more trash... because if we want to be honest, it is we who are creating the trash.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | New Stimulus: Energy Saving Appliances
8/25/09 02:27 PM

How are the stimulus rebates disgraceful? People all over the country are wasting tons of electricity, using antiquated appliances that are putting enormous strain on our power grid (which at this point still runs primarily on fossil fuels). Encouraging people to buy energy efficient appliances helps our country in a very real way, so it is a perfectly appropriate way to spend tax dollars. And the person buying the appliance will save hundreds of dollars on their electricity bills! Again, how is any of this disgraceful?

I just went over to EnergyStar's tax credit page, and it should be noted that they are giving 30% back (up to $1500) on new windows and doors, insulation, roofs, HVAC, water heaters and biomass stoves, and 30 % back with NO UPPER LIMIT on geothermal heat pumps, solar panels, solar water heaters, small wind energy systems, and fuel cells. So this is absolutely NOT a program designed to encourage people to go out and frivolously purchase fancy expensive appliances on the taxpayer's dime. It is a serious attempt to move our country in a much smarter direction with our energy consumption.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | New Stimulus: Energy Saving Appliances
8/25/09 01:19 PM

I find it funny that you guys sit around and critique extremely well-detailed works of modern interior architecture, as if your comments reflect anything other than the fact that you are all a bunch of bumpkins.

"Well, if this was MY house I'd paint two of the walls pink and let my fat cat shed all over the couch and... OH how about like a million throw pillows? That would be awesome."


Apartment Therapy New York | White! SoHo Townhouse Renovation by LoadingDock5
8/19/09 06:17 PM

Yeah, with a solid-core door, I would think you could jump up and down on it and it would be fine. We actually used them as desks at an architecture firm I worked at years ago, and they were basically bullet-proof. And gigantic, great for building models, or spreading out large sets of drawings. Maybe a bit too large for most NYC apartments.

Apartment Therapy New York | 4 Desks Made from Hollow Core Doors
8/3/09 03:24 PM

Okay, I actually read the articles, and they all used hollow-core doors but treated the surface in various ways. So my criticism of the surfacing material is not as valid in these cases. But I still think having a hollow desk would feel strangely flimsy... like if you sat down in the middle of it the whole thing would snap in half. Or if you had a heavy computer monitor, it would fall through the desk in the middle of the night, etc.

Apartment Therapy New York | 4 Desks Made from Hollow Core Doors
8/3/09 12:44 PM

I agree with tashar - the first photo with the paneled door as a desk is kind of silly. Especially with the hinges left on and facing out, for anything to get snagged on.

Also, these are all almost definitely solid-core doors, not hollow core doors. Hollow core doors are so lightweight that they would be awkward as desktops. Also, the surface material is very cheap and would get extremely gross if you ever got perspiration from your hand on it.

Apartment Therapy New York | 4 Desks Made from Hollow Core Doors
8/3/09 12:40 PM

The point is that you can get the best concert grand piano in the world for around $60,000. Anything above that and you are purely paying for decoration (exotic woods, carved legs, etc.). Paying $100,000 for this, you are paying bonus money for them to uglify your piano.

So, yes, I'd rather have an ugly piano with a great sound than a pretty piano with horrible sound, IF you have to decide between those two options because of cost constraints. In this case, you'd be getting an ugly-ass piano with as-yet-unknown sonic characteristics for the price of two world-class traditional concert grands.

Apartment Therapy New York | Modern Grand Piano by Bosendorfer Audi Design
7/31/09 05:51 PM

wc_canuck, that is a ridiculous thing to say. first of all, this is a website about decorating apartments. you are here at this website, so you know this. so conversations will tend to revolve around aesthetics (duh?). secondly, you can't tell me that if a big pile of dog poop sounded like the best piano in the world, that you'd happily keep it in your living room. that is to say, OF COURSE AESTHETICS MATTER. that was the whole point of the audi exercise, and surely not to develop a better sounding piano.

and, for my 2 cents, i think it's hideous. it's like trying to compare a well-made violin to those plastic electric violins.

Apartment Therapy New York | Modern Grand Piano by Bosendorfer Audi Design
7/31/09 03:03 PM

Make an appointment with the landlord to discuss painting. Bring some photographs with you of beautiful painted brick (see, and make the case to the landlord (gently!) that the wood paneling is terribly out of date, and painting it and the fireplace white would be a dirt cheap way of adding a lot of value to the space by making it more contemporary and clean.

If you can get him to agree, then you can go nuts with the decorating... anything looks good against white painted brick. One note - you'd want the curtains to hang down to just above the seat under the window. Cropped like they are in the photo is a bit tacky. Definitely invest in some nice pillows for the bench.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | How to Decorate "Wood Hell" ? Good Questions
7/24/09 05:15 PM

I forgot to mention - though some people prefer to have their kitchens separated from the other rooms - the apartment would probably feel much more spacious if you took down the two partitions between the kitchen and the living/dining rooms. You could even then add a small island between the living room and kitchen with a couple of stools, replacing the formal dining area with informal counter eating. Then the "dining room" could become more of a dedicated bedroom space.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Creating a Sleeping Area in Studio Apartment? Good Questions
7/17/09 12:34 AM

As an architect and a soon-to-be studio owner (who has spent quite a bit of time thinking about where the #*@!ing bed goes), I have what I think may be the best solution. Here goes:

You should rip out the "huge closet" on the left side of the dining room and build out a murphy bed in new custom cabinetry with a much smaller closet. The wall is about 8' wide, a queen-sized bed is 5' wide. I'd suggest aligning the bed with the "southern" wall, away from the kitchen, so you can circulate through the kitchen even when the bed is down. After structural thicknesses in the cabinetry, you'd be left with at least 2'-6" of floor-to-ceiling closet space, which really only NEEDS to accommodate your hanging clothes, the rest could be put in a nice dresser elsewhere in the apartment.

You'd do well in this scenario to get a dining table on casters, that you could easily roll a couple of feet into the living room to make room for the bed to come down at night. For example:

This way you could have a proper living room and dining room during the day, and a proper (ie, non-futon) bed at night. In a studio with a layout like this, you do not want to add partitions, even a curtain, because it will make you feel like a mouse in a maze. Tiny spaces should be left open at all costs!

Hope this helps. Good luck!


Apartment Therapy Chicago | Creating a Sleeping Area in Studio Apartment? Good Questions
7/17/09 12:26 AM

the 'birdcage' table is called 'pumpkin.'

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Istanbul Apartment by Autoban
6/14/09 01:29 PM

If the wood is oiled, one shouldn't say it is "unfinished." Because it is finished with oil. Unfinished means left raw, which is not something anybody would or should do with furniture, especially in a kitchen. You can buy some types of furniture unfinished and apply your own finish, whether oil or varnish or paint or whatever. As some people have already noted, "unfinished" wood would get destroyed in a kitchen.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Unfinished Wood Cabinets
3/31/09 09:27 AM

The book is resting at a narrower angle than while being read, thus it is being damaged less than while being read. And since the book is being supported along the full length of its spine, the pages and covers do not contribute their weight towards damaging the spine, as they do while leaving a book face-down on a flat surface. These book rests aren't damaging at all.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Etsy Find: The Book Shack
3/24/09 04:39 PM

You should certainly not paint it white while leaving the backing wall an ugly cream color.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Fireplace: To Paint or Not to Paint
5/30/08 12:09 PM

How is it brilliant at all? The entire "candle holder" part of it would never melt, you'd just have to throw it out at the end. So you pay about 20 times what you would pay for a normal candle, for a candle that only burns 50% of its wax.

Blah. Back to the drawing board, fellas.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Tallow by Ontwerp
3/31/08 03:26 PM