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Ile sur la Sorgue in the South of France, hands down!

Awesome Flea Markets Across the Globe AFAR
5/30/13 05:49 PM

KA International has this:


(CENTURY PIEDRA, Ref. 549012)

French Inspired Upholstery for these eBay Finds? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/19/10 05:36 AM

Sometimes going custom can be cheaper (and more fabulous!). I would contact a glass blowing studio in your area and get a quote for a glass bulb made to your specifications. You can then DIY the electrics with a kit from your local DIY shop.

Help Finding Similar Items For Less? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/3/10 10:42 AM

Bathroom first! I must be able to use the loo and take a bath!

Moving: What To Unpack First | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/2/10 12:28 PM

I agree with some of the other comments above: use fabric, that contains both brown and black, to unify the look. You can still use some green accents (cushions, candles, etc). I think something like this would look nice:


(Romo, Orsello, Ebony7159/01)

How Do I Work With Black and Brown? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/27/10 03:59 AM

It's sad to see that the architects ripped out beautiful mouldings that have been there for a hundred years only to replace them with MDF cubes. Why buy haussmannien only to destroy it?

A Well Shelved Apartment in Paris Dwell Magazine | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
1/7/10 04:18 AM

You can't get more authentic than this:


and not a heinous pinwheel in sight!

Modern Patchwork You Can Live With | Apartment Therapy Boston
11/23/09 05:04 AM

I agree with Corian, but perhaps in a funky, retro style?


Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Which Countertop Colors to Suit IKEA SOLAR Cabinets? Good Questions
11/4/09 12:08 PM

To get a clean line, I have used a brass pipe as a cover for a yucky chain.

Apartment Therapy New York | Cord Covers: Hiding the Truth
10/22/09 07:06 AM

I agree with Jasmine. Black red front door. Also I would keep the white siding on the lower level. The stone will make the porch look dark and gloomy. You have a cute house that doesn't need faux stone work. It's very nice as is. Show us pictures when you're done.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | What Color Should I Paint my Shutters & Door? Good Questions
10/21/09 04:38 AM

Thanks! Great idea for someone who wants a little oomph without adding colour (or horror of horrors for me, wall paper).

Apartment Therapy New York | Simulated Wallpaper: A Damask, In Paint ColorTherapy
10/20/09 01:08 PM

I have a selection of lanterns on an old metal table on my porch. It's lovely to sit in the living room and see the twinkle of lights outside. Since you won't be using your garden table, it could be nice to set-up little still-lifes (using plants, tasteful garden sculptures, pinecones, moss, rocks, watering can, little bird feeder etc or if you're feeling a bit impish, a retro garden gnome). I also like to keep boxwood outside year-round in little planters.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | How to Decorate the Balcony in Winter? Good Questions
10/15/09 10:20 AM

I agree with idontdobeige. A really wide, more substantial curtain rod with long curtains hanging on either side of the window will not obstruct the light, will make the ceilings look higher and will allow you to shut out drafts completely when you pull the curtains shut. A black bar in the middle of such a pretty window just looks weird. Happy decorating!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | What Height to Hang Curtains? Good Questions
10/14/09 07:44 AM

Big, opulent curtains (raw silk in cream, perhaps?) can do a lot for creating warmth in modern spaces without turning the place into a cottage or country style.

I second the motion for changing the lighting.

You could consider adding a simple crown-molding to soften the hard-edges of the room.

Happy decorating! It will be a lovely home.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | How to Work with Contemporary Finishes? Good Questions
10/8/09 05:41 AM

I really like the chandelier and I think that you can keep it in this room. I would move it with a simple hook just above the dining table if you have enough wire length to do this (don't do anything crazy that could be a fire hazard!) then cover the cable with some runched up velvet or other fabric, maybe matching the pink of the sofa or a neutral creme/white, and coordinating with some little lamp shades to tie the decor together. Happy decorating!

Apartment Therapy New York | Working With a Large Chandelier? Good Questions
10/5/09 10:44 AM

In Europe Natuzzi stores are located in industrial areas where the stores next door sell shoes for a fiver. Not really the kind of place I want to plunk down a few grand.

Apartment Therapy New York | New Leather Sofas from Natuzzi
9/30/09 01:38 PM

How about a dark aubergine? Or go white to brighten up the porch area?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | What Color Should I Paint My Front Door? Good Questions
9/29/09 02:54 PM

Whimsical creatures made from sea shells circa 1979! Those tiny beaded purses.

Apartment Therapy New York | Least-Liked Craft?
9/29/09 12:13 PM

I always get a little nostalgic when I see an Eichler home. I was fortunate enought to grow up in one. I still remember roller skating in the atrium in winter! Fabulous design and family friendly. Love it (miss it!)!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | A Peek Inside a Mad Men Era Eichler in Granada Hills
9/21/09 12:10 PM

This only looks good in pictures. From a practical point of view, I'd constantly be looking over my shoulder to make sure that something isn't on fire. Good point about the sit-com set!

Apartment Therapy New York | Furniture in Front of the Fireplace
9/21/09 12:00 PM