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you will likely have your sofa for longer than your wall color so, as others have said, i suggest that you find a fabric that you really love and can live with for years to come. if you love the fabric, it will undoubtedly feature a color that you love enough to paint the walls.

with that said, i think a muted blue or purple would work really well and compliment the yellow in the dining room.

What Colors Complement a Stone Hearth & Warm-Toned Moulding? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
11/16/09 10:45 AM

i read every design blog and magazine out there but my philosophy is then to forget everything that i just read. there are a million trends that i love and featured home that i love and love to look at but the best compliment i can receive is when someone walks into my house and says "your home is so you!"

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Your Home Philosophy
10/2/09 01:46 PM

most new yorkers would definitely not consider ikea luxury furniture. of course to live in new york many of us need those ikea prices. fortunately, as previous posters have said, ikea has recently come out with more stylish pieces than in the past (when i was an "ikea hater") as well as maintained timeless pieces such as the billy bookcases and poang chair.

would i love eames shells at my dining room table? sure. but this new yorker will happily settle for tobias :)

Apartment Therapy New York | IKEA as Status Symbol?
9/25/09 06:33 PM

very very nice mix of styles. also pushed me over the edge to get that ikea area rug that i've been contemplating for so long (i swear i'll be out the door in 15 min). at...sign her up!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Ally's Contemporary with a Touch of Paris Glam House Call
9/25/09 03:04 PM

i feel like i'm drowning.

Apartment Therapy New York | Blue Kitchen Floor by Elmslie Osler
9/3/09 09:54 PM

saw these on another site a while back. loved them then. love them now.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Paper Cut Maps from Famille Summerbelle
9/3/09 09:48 PM

i'm a sucker for all things industrial including concrete walls (floors, countertops etc). unfortunately mine are covered with about a billion years of bad paint jobs. the 1st and 3rd pics here are particularly fantastic.

Apartment Therapy New York | Concrete Walls: Cold or Inviting?
9/3/09 09:46 PM

one of the most amazing homes i've ever seen with a million interesting and unusual treasures. love the zebra head against the exposed brick and the gumball machine is genius.

the idea of 30 dirt cheap eames shell chairs is making me wish i lived in toronto (or was visiting at just the right time).

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Richard Takes Downtown House Tour
9/3/09 01:32 AM

those chrome and sheepskin chairs truly are something to proud of. if i had even an ounce of talent and/or ambition i would make ones like them tomorrow.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Sarah & Hillary's Maximalist Loft House Tour
9/3/09 01:22 AM