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As if the holidays aren't confusing enough, I hear there's a Werbler wedding coming up, too. Lets make our own labels: Beardy, Smelly, Haimy, and Whiney. I'll keep thinking of more.

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11/8/09 06:27 PM

I'm glad you like it. I taught him everything he knows.

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11/6/09 03:57 PM

In response to mkw- I believe if we could get the spiders to sign an agreement affirming that they experienced no pain or suffering during the collection of the silk, and also guaranteeing the spiders 33% of all proceeds from all silk sales, vegans would wear/use it.

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10/5/09 01:24 PM

I really like my new LED Cube Clock. Its definitely an upgrade from my gerbil scratching my face every morning at 6 am to go for a walk.

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9/2/09 06:07 PM

I think Annie is so awesome I'm gonna bite her!

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9/2/09 06:04 PM