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I'm in love.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Kelly and Jonathan's Mission District CharmerHouse Tour
10/29/09 03:18 PM

Thanks again everyone for your comments. The apartment is an ongoing work in progress for both of us. I'm actually in the middle of painting the mirror that is perched on the living room bureau an "orange slice" color! Sarah Rainwater did a fab job of taking snaps that reflect the personality of our place. We couldn't be more psyched, and I'm really enjoying reading your thoughts.
A few responses:
Cosmotosis -- I too love vibrant colors and am slowly collecting and making bright adornments, such as throw pillows, to spice things up.
Loca -- the clothing rack cost $60 from a place called Business Surplus in Providence, RI. It is the kind that you find in clothing stores and is solid as a rock. I bought mine two years ago, so not sure of the price today.
HurricaneKate -- I don't know the name of the paint color on our walls, but I've left a message with our property manager to get back to me with it. I'll keep you posted. It is a great neutral color, though I think it's painted on quite thin as it's super easy to leave marks just by brushing against the walls.
Asinner -- your orange sectional sounds fabulous, now I'm the jealous one! Just keep adding the things that you love and you can't go wrong. Since these pics were taken I've moved stuff around again -- it's a constantly changing canvas. Your quote that our apartment feels like a smile is our favorite, so thank you for making our day!
Spanky -- we have considered putting some fun glass in there -- we just have to come across a good deal, to stick with our under $100 policy! Thanks for the suggestion :)
Ssmith -- your parents must be pretty cool! I found this at the Salvation Army for $25. It is from the 1970's.
Criv227 -- I'd love to see your postcard collection. I've been thinking of doing something similar with postcards hung on vintage clothing (pants) hangers.
For those of you who love the dining table and chairs as much as we do, it came from a delightful fisherman in Narragansett. He posted it on craigslist a few years ago, it had been in storage for 40 years and is in perfect condition! We just got lucky.
Happy Labor Day and happy homes to you all.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Sarah Hillary's Maximalist Loft House Tour
9/6/09 06:33 PM

Thanks for the sweet and thoughtful comments, AT readers! H and I were a little nervous about this part, but everyone has been very kind! I really appreciate all of the comments on the 'as-is' nature of our decorating style. A lot of the furniture we found has a funny story attached to it, and the pieces of art are mostly all originals -- straight from the etsy artists we love. We're both enamored with our space, and like to fill it with things we adore.
Dusting hasn't really been a problem for us. A quick zip around with a duster once in a while seems to do the trick. Plus having an AT photographer coming to take snaps of your place is a good incentive to straighten things up!
This has been a fun experience.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Sarah & Hillary's Maximalist Loft House Tour
9/2/09 10:03 AM