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I have to concur on the suggestions to not live in the space in which you're planning on doing a major renovation. I'm in the middle of a gut renovation on a home I just purchased, and was hoping to move in when the project was at least in a livable state so I wouldn't have to continue swallowing a mortgage and rent. The most frequent reaction I received to this plan from almost everyone I talked to was, "DON'T DO IT." Even with drywall up now, the mess, the dust, the hoards of contractors coming in and out — I can't imagine where my sanity would be if I was living in the middle of all of that. If it is within your means, get a rental for at least the major parts — it's money well-spent.

How Can We Stay in Our House During a Remodel and Not Lose Our Minds? Good Questions
1/17/14 12:46 AM

Nice tool, reminds me of that scene in Fight Club when Ed Norton's apartment is populated with IKEA furniture as the camera pans.

IKEA's New App Puts its Furniture in Your Space Design News 08.07.13
8/7/13 11:17 AM

Even though I lean more towards minimalism(ish) and perfect grids, your bold application of texture is really unique and daring. Casting my vote, not for the one that I necessarily see myself living in, but the one that's unexpected.

Good luck from Chris — 2010 Small Cool winner.

Adam's Comfort & Warmth Small Cool Contest
6/4/13 08:39 PM

I totally have a stack of Newtons that I started collecting once they became obsolete and cheap — I picked up the 100, 120, 130, and 2000. They used to be out on nerdy display, but now they're collecting dust in the 90's tech dream drawer.

Reminiscing and Collecting Old Tech From Our Childhood Past
3/5/13 07:52 PM

You had me with that Vladmir Kagan sofa.

California Home & Design's Small Space, Big Style House Tour
10/23/12 02:08 AM

@passportgirl @junekinlock @artsydesigny The artwork was made by taking a high resolution stock photo of a cross section of a tree and processing it several times over and then having it digitally printed. Inspiration came from the amazing Bryan Nash Gill prints made from actual wood cuts.

Modern Classics: The Noguchi Coffee Table
10/4/12 01:30 AM

The original AO I (Action Office) system that eventually begat the AO II and AO III, aka the cubicle maze, as we know it today, was originally designed to allow for a more flexible and dynamic work environment in which people could interact with each other in the collaborative spirit. The pieces were quite nicely designed, constructed out of polished aluminum and walnut, oak or rosewood. They were intended to be used in progressive open office spaces that were essentially inside out from traditional form.

Unfortunately, they were also expensive and difficult to expand upon, which resulted in the push for the second generation in the 1970s. During the redesign, Nelson and his original collaborator on AO I, Robert Probst, had great disagreement about what was an ideal work environment. Nelson wanted to keep the open office concept, while Probst pushed for enclosed private spaces. Nelson eventually abandoned his role in the project and nearly with it, his association with Herman Miller.

AO 1 pieces really are nicely built and fit well outside the office world. Most notable among them is the roll top desk. I use one in my own home on a daily basis and love the detail to functionality. So progressive was its design for the 1960s that it even has a built in outlet inside the desk under the tambour cover.

George Nelson Designer Dossier
10/2/12 10:48 PM

Vintage Brazilian Rosewood ones (Production I, II and III) are the best in terms of wood grain and were produced until 1991, but are also the most expensive to acquire now. More recent Production IV sets don't seem to hold as high a pre-owned value save for the Santos Palisander (sustainable Rosewood) versions. If you like the form and function, but are less picky about the veneer, newer Cherry ones are the least costly on the second hand market. I've seen those go as low as $1,500 on eBay.

New, Used & Reproduction: Eames Lounge Modern Classic Source List
9/17/12 10:51 PM

Haven't checked these comments in a while!

borjaborja — It's an unfurled Enje roller blind from Ikea.

evan richards — Thanks for the compliment! The artwork is by Aondrea Maynard; I picked it up second hand somewhere at a store in Austin.

Small Cool 2010: Chris's Furniture Tetris
Tiny Division #2

3/29/12 12:31 PM

I was recently informed by an wizened plant person that my terrarium setup with only succulents is set up to be doomed because of the lack of drainage, air movement and an extra layer of light filtering glass. This probably should have made sense to me 2 sets of dead plants ago.

Buy or DIY: Trendy Terrariums
3/23/12 12:50 PM

I've been a fan for a while. Love the space and love the work.

The Collective Creativity of Public School
Tech Tour

1/11/12 12:36 PM

I really dig the warmth and texture. Nice job finding where mod meets comfort — reminds me of the Eames's living room in feel.

Chris & Kenny's New Santa Barbara Home
House Tour

10/20/11 01:58 PM

It's a preference for me to have familiar folks take off their shoes, but I won't badger if someone doesn't. Even I get annoyed sometimes having to take mine off when I forget something inside. I'd rather take the extra few seconds to unlace though than have what makes the sticky sound on a public bathroom floor end up mashed in my rugs. There are just some things a door mat, mop and vacuum aren't going to get rid of easily.

My method of subtle suggestion is taking off my own shoes at the door in a pronounced way after retrieving someone from the gate. Most folks seem fine going along with "when in Rome." If they not, I pull the lever on the trap door — I mean...go about entertaining.

Etiquette at Home: Solutions to The Great Shoe Debate
10/20/11 01:46 PM

The vintage ones with four star bases and no casters look even better. There was even a rare matching ottoman that was available.

For Mad Men Only: Time-Life Eames Executive Chair
Daily Find

10/9/11 08:07 PM

I'm just reminded that obsessing over creating something you know is good is never a bad thing, whether it's a sentence, a chair or a person's connection to their environment. It's hard not to be affected by his drive and creative momentum.

Remembering Steve Jobs
10/6/11 02:24 AM

"Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish."

RIP Steve Jobs: Apple's Legacy of Good Design
10/6/11 12:10 AM

mike_d - It's a Nelson bench, which can be sourced officially from anyone who sells Herman Miller or unofficially sourced as a reproduction online.

Houston Hi-Tech in a Small Space
Tech Tour

9/23/11 02:07 PM

Mmmm, number three is an Mobler HJN. Definitely worth more than $500. Wish I lived in the area.

Drexel Coffee Table - $185
San Francisco Scavenger

6/29/11 02:10 PM

juliehiggins - That's a Malm fireplace.

Cabin Chic: A Contemporary Spin On Country Living
6/16/11 02:05 AM

Jordan, great job on the space. Congratulations from last year's winner!


Jordan's Light, Location & Vibe
5/12/11 07:30 PM