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A disaster! One block move at flat rate. They could not get things out the apartment that there was never trouble getting into it. They damaged furniture, scraped newly finished floors and every time we complained we were told that moving is hard work and accidents happen. They never properly protected large furniture pieces with blankets so a dresser was gouged. One guy walked onto our newly painted and plastered wall and gouged it, Neighbors complained they blocked the halls and that the foul language used by some crew members was appalling. We actually had to have the legs sawed off one piece of furniture because they couldn't manage to get it into the apartment and threatened to leave it in the hall. I reiterate this was a one block move. We were told it was such an easy move that they didn't need the truck but they wound up using it without ensuring the security of the furniture. Call it a wrecking crew rather than a moving crew.

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8/29/09 05:00 PM