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benn2009, a Vitamix being a waste of money depends on what you use a blender for.

At this point, the only blender I want or have is a Vitamix. My daughter has a gastric-tube and we blend all of her meals with the blender. In addition to turning anything into a consistency to run through a tiny tube, Vitamix has the best customer service. When I brok the grounding round portion of the plug, they sent us a loaner blender for free to tide us over while they repaired ours.

Vitamix and Blendtec both also have medical discounts if you are a person who uses the blender for a g-tube fed person. Vitamix also has refurbed blenders. Given that I use my blender twice a day to create the primary nutrition for someone, you can imagine how much use my blender gets -- a typical blend includes rice, chicken, vegetables, fruit -- a cheap Black and Decker or Kitchen Aid would never be an option.

(Also, when we travel to my parents, we use their Ninja. God. I HATE that blender. For a third of the cost, it blends a tenth as well.)

Cheaper (But Still Reliable) Alternative to a Vitamix Blender? Good Questions
6/2/13 08:47 PM

Apple juice with a splash of apple cider can be substituted for white wine in most dishes. If you need less apple flavor then white grape with a dash of apple of cider.

Best Substitutes for Cooking Wine?Good Questions
4/23/12 09:48 AM

Fictional food was going to be my suggestion, but this also ran in the Cleveland news paper a few days ago: Hunger Games Inspired Food

Help Me Throw a Dinner Party in Honor of The Hunger Games FilmDinner Party Questions
3/22/12 09:40 AM

I have purchased it at Whole Foods in Pasadena. My daughter has a lactose sensitivity but she is fine with goat's milk. I thought we'd try sheep's milk and it was both delicious (unlike goat's milk) and well-tolerated. Too bad it's ridiculously expensive.

Yogurt Crush: Vanilla Sheep Milk Yogurt from Bellwether
1/3/11 11:23 PM

I love that this was the first post of the AM!

My 3-year-old daughter has a gastric tube and we feed her a blended diet using a Vitamix (instead of formula). We took thanksgiving leftovers and blended up turkey, sweet potato, green beans and lots of cranberry relish along with a slice of pie. Which sounds disgusting to us, but nom. Good for her!

Your pie shake is totally in tune with that.

Recipe: (Leftover) Pie Shakes
11/26/10 09:00 AM

What a lovely and cheerful room!

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5/27/10 06:54 PM

I studied briefly in Belgium when I was in college and developed an unhealthy attachment to three things as coping mechanisms for the interminable rain: Gauffres eaten hot on the street, Chocolates (purchased by the kilo, sans fruits et liquors) and Gueuze. Nom nom nom.

I love that I can now get all three of these things in my non-Belgium corner of the world. Now if only I could find a reliable source of Faro, preferably Morte Subite, I'd be a (fat) and happy girl.

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3/3/10 02:05 AM

I agree that the lists aren't necessarily super useful, but I think they can offer an insight into a given person.

Our ergo and our Sherpani backpacks have been lifesavers. We still use both of them (and the Sherpani for another long while I assume) all the time (our twins are turning 3), while our stroller? We've used less than 30 times.

Things I couldn't have lived without. A medela classic breast pump (it was on an IV stand! It was huge!), an extra freezer for frozen breast milk, our pack and play, Bum Genius diapers, a good bottle brush, onesies that snap up the front and footless pjs.

Things we have that we could have done without: a crib, a stroller, bucket carseats.

The Things You Don't Need for a New Baby | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
2/27/10 10:44 PM

We have a small chest freezer that we bought when my twins were in the hospital's NICU. I was pumping so much breastmilk that we had run out of space in our freezer, the NICU freezer and freezer space at a friend's place.

Two Plus years later we use it for homemade ice cream (the irony!), bulk meats, soups, frozen croquettes, etc.

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8/29/09 10:20 AM