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Happy Anniversary-very cute video.

Dream a Little Dream: Our Tenth Anniversary Film
6/2/14 01:25 PM

Another trick I found is to perch yourself in a different spot in each room then scan your surroundings. It is amazing how many things you have over looked but others would see.

Small Spaces Boost: Clean 5 Forgotten Spots for a Fresher Feeling Home Today
4/13/14 09:13 AM

In photo #6, the old cinder block and board shelves could be found "free" and store those books in a much neater fashion.
I also dislike the scrolling. I scroll the pictures then check out the descriptions. I only take a closer look at what sounds interesting.
Shoes on any table-no way!

In Plain Sight: 10 Smart Solutions for Everyday Organizing
1/9/14 04:44 AM

WOW! Brilliant and Beautiful.

Calvin's Naturally Stylish DC Home House Tour
10/29/13 02:55 PM

Great post but I have a "thing" about rumpled rugs. Image #4. They always seem sloppy and dangerous to me. This looks shows up in a lot of interior images. Is it just me? Am I not appreciating something?

Designer Secrets: Transform Your Space with Texture
10/24/13 04:43 PM

This post made me sad. Why or how did something so harmless as using Ethnic as a catch all phrase become so menacing or hurtful. This is America. The home of "Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet". We are also a melting pot for people of all races and nationalities. We share and combine our cultures for the common good. Instead of being proud of what your forefathers have produced in your homeland and sharing these treasures with your fellow man, people are taking offense. Let them be classified and singled out as they are "Special". A way for people to maybe create that special environment they spent time in on a wonderful trip to Italy or the Orient. To live with a Zen lifestyle free of clutter. These are things we wouldn't know or appreciate otherwise. My personal thoughts are that being PC is totally out of hand. I don't think most people plan on being offensive to others so why look at every little word as an attack.

\"Ethnic\" Decor: Is it a One-Size-Fits-All Concept? Justina Blakeney
10/16/13 03:37 PM

The trash can looks Pennsylvania Dutch to me. Beautiful home. I love the "built ins". This decor might change just a bit in a few years when River is on the move. Great Tour.

Emma & Mike's Whimsical Home in Brooklyn House Tour
10/16/13 01:33 PM

My daughter or granddaughters only.

The Very Welcoming Host: Do You Let Platonic Houseguests Share Your Bed?
10/8/13 02:09 PM

I have been using the same 2 tier Rubbermaid turntable for the past 40 years. It has served me well. Spices are alphabetical of course, around the edge of the turntable with odd items such as Gravy Master, bouillon cubes etc. behind them. I know I have been lucky to have an adjustable shelf to accommodate it all these years. As for storage items like mayo, ketchup, mustards etc. When I take the spare jar out to use , it immediately goes on my grocery list. Hope this helps someone.

Before & After: A Super Simple Pantry Fix
9/18/13 06:54 PM

Having had more than 11 addresses in my time I am now in my Forever Home I hope. This made me take a look around to see what is still with me.
1. My Osterizer blender-still works great
2. The Electrolux canister sweeper-does more and better than the Oreck
3. My bed, dresser and night stand.
4. 3 Corning ware casseroles, Cornflower pattern used almost daily.
5. Better quality cooking items-pots, pans and utensils.

Towels, linens and mattresses should be of good quality but not high end in the beginning. They will take a lot of wear and tear having only enough room for essentials.
I never would have thought of a noise machine in a million years. That would have to be for a specific apartment problem I would think.
Then the Key Rack. Yes I have one near my back door. A DIY plaque with small hooks.
It came about to solve the problem of where to keep the remote to open the garage door.
It then became a habit to hang my keys on the hook, a life saver in the morning going to work. Before that time I never even thought of a key rack and never would have given it necessity status.
Art is a personal thing that can be of major importance to some. My personal choice would be books and yes, I have been toting a large amount of them with me over the years.

Apartment Essentials: 5 Items to Carry From Your First Apartment To Your Last
9/11/13 08:09 PM

Thanks brandon s. Good thoughts to ponder.

Does Housework Expand to Fill the Time Available?
9/3/13 05:12 PM

Surprise everyone but this has become my major problem since I have retired. I am never done and always see more to do. I seem to make messes on a daily basis with gardening vegetables, flowers and trying new recipes. I feel like I should have a spotless and well organized home at all times but I am not reaching this goal. There are so many things I like to do but then I turn around and see what needs to be painted, weeded, scrubbed etc. I know my house is too big for one person to handle but it is just right when my kids and grandkids come to visit. Trying to keep it up alone is hard. This didn't seem as overwhelming when I was working all of those years. In spite of it all, I am spending more time with friends and family. Playing with my toys-records, books, paints and cooking etc. I didn't provide any great input to this discussion but thanks for letting me vent on this topic. It has been weighing on my mind a lot lately.

Does Housework Expand to Fill the Time Available?
9/3/13 02:59 PM

This home is EXPLODING with personality. Love every inch of it.

The Luxurious Little Home of Sooz Gordon House Tour
9/2/13 02:15 PM

Does anyone know what type of fuel is used it the wall heater shown in the picture?

Before & After: Shaun's Lovely Living Room
8/22/13 12:02 PM

PRO: Banana Split for dinner.

CON: Taking out the trash.

The Joys and Drawbacks of Living Solo
8/1/13 04:40 PM

It has been 33 years since I first stepped foot in my home. We started out as renters with the option to buy. We entered thru the back kitchen door, landlord first, my husband second and I was 3rd. As soon as both of my feet were in the house I said :We'll take it". They both stopped and asked me why since I haven't seen it yet. My answer was "I am home". There was a dispute between the landlord and previous tenants that resulted in much dirt and damage. A cleaning crew was in the process of fixing the problems. I wasn't deterred in any way. My Mother said she never saw anyone grow roots so fast. I won't go on to list all of the ways my home pleases me. That would include most of the comments listed above and others. The feelings I felt when I entered seem to be shared by others. Many times people said they feel so at home here or they don't want to leave. When I was working I would pause and say a special good buy to my house and add "see you later". Being recently retired I now have time for appreciate every little detail. Nothing fancy here , just a plain American 4 Square in an old residential area built around 1932.
My yard is now filled with beautiful trees, shrubs, flowers and a vegetable garden on what was once a flat patch of grass. Almost every awning had it's own species of birds giving birth this past spring. When my kids were in school I was known as "The Kool Aid Mom".
Now my 6 grandkids proudly bring their friends to visit. I know I am getting older and can't do the things I used to do. I am doing the best I can to ensure I will spend the rest of my days here. This is a special peace and happiness I think people should strive for. It makes all of the joys and sorrows of every day life so much more bearable.

Get Happier at Home: Take Time to Notice Small Pleasures
7/30/13 07:57 PM

A few years ago I was taken with the Feng Shui idea. I must have OD'ed on the ABUNDANCE section because I am really overloaded. I am guilty of your 12 categories and can probably add 12 more. I have been in my home 33 years and recently retired. Now I can really see the need to pare down. I don't have doubles but triples of many items. My grandkids are greatly amused by some of the items I pull out of storage. That is usually followed by "Can I have this?". They haven't heard a "No" response yet. As for books, that is my main weakness. I do make an effort to donate but most of them are too dear to my heart. I am having great success with my supply of florist vases by surprising people with flowers from my garden. Friends, neighbors, the local Mom and Pop store, even my usual nail salon have been treated to them. Church and Fire Companies appreciate them to decorate their tables at Fund Raising dinners. I appreciate the tip of donating towels to animal shelters. I never thought of that. I am thankful for all I have and will be the first to offer to a friend in need. Great post.

12 Things You Probably Own Too Many Of
7/26/13 06:20 PM

Beautiful job!

Sofia’s DIY Garden Apartment in Brooklyn House Tour
7/22/13 01:23 PM

Love this space. Love the sofa and chairs are great. The pile of shoes near the patio door seem so out of place in such a clean, vibrant place. Great job.

Mireille and Simon's Unique and Unified Berlin Apartment House Tour
7/17/13 01:36 PM

Great article and so very true. I feel sad for anyone who just lives in a house. No matter what the problem is, everything feels better when I get home. Making my house welcoming to both myself and anyone who may visit is a #1 priority for me. A loving home emits it's warmth to others. It is something you can "feel" as soon as you enter.

Can't Buy Happiness: 5 Simple Ways to Turn Any House Into a Home You Love
7/3/13 12:15 PM