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A fgew edits here!, provided not orovided, Toss not todd 2 spaces. each 8 X 8 X 16"

12 (Okay 13) More Items You Probably Own Too Many Of
1/7/14 02:00 PM

My Lady, shes 7 years my senior, retired last year and has decided we are cleaning-out, shaping-up and remodeling EVERYTHING. Translation, she does not like my 'stuff' anyplace she can see it. SO I have a shop, now, and I am moving ALL my 'Stuff' into my shop. She has provided an entire year to accomplish my task and this has orovided me the opportunity to glean-out my 'collections.' Pens? Underwear? Magazines? I am a Hot Rodder and a Computer geek and I have discovered something I want to share....BOXES! The BIGGEST mistake people make is the size of their boxes. If the box is huge, YOU WILL FILL IT! I am speaking from experience here. SO! I bought thirty SHOE BOX size boxes and put stick-on labels of their contents in the end. These boxes are large enough for the computer and hot rod pieces I need to stay happy in my Hobbies and when they get full. I dump out the contents and edit the amount until the, best of the best, fits the bix and I recycle what is left over. This way I don't Todd anything important and I still have my collections. The difference is now, instead of filling a large room, they fill the lower half of a small CLOSET! I paired down my hobby space from 454 cubic feet to 22 cubic feet and from two of the largest storage spaces, 8 X 8 X 167 feet! To a small, personally owned, two car garage and I can park both of our cars IN the garage!

12 (Okay 13) More Items You Probably Own Too Many Of
1/7/14 01:55 PM

It Tweeks my nose to see how some people have no vision where someones dream is concerned. Who gives a damn weather they 'approve' or not! This little jewel, placed in a very unusual scene, is an absolute joy. The ultimate recycling of a long lost bygone era. Caboose are no longer used by the railroads, they just stuff a red light, in the last coupler, and save the money they used to pay security attendants. The use of all available decorative styles sets this slice of heaven apart from the sterile 'Yuppy Dregs' touted as 'Contemporary' by very few pulications. Use of mirrors to reduce energy consumption, in the tiny bathroom is genius. The clean contemporary lines and highly intelligent use of closets to hide appliances and clutter is something from which we should ALL learn. Looks to this, educated eye, like this little jewel cleans-up in precious few minutes so as to maximize their enjoyment of the surroundings to the fullest. If pets are involved this is a HUGE plus. I salute the creativity of the owner and wish people would read the entire article. Especially the part where it says this home has been used for 30 YEARS! Given proper consideration this fact should wake-up everyone to just how beloved this 'dabble of minutia' really is!

The Davidson's 1949 Railroad Caboose
House Tour

8/31/13 12:26 PM