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I find that a warm wood antique, such as a distressed coffee table and framed family photos really bring home the coziness. I agree with many of the above comments. I like the throw, candles, plants, books, art, a nice rug and clean but not unlived. I would add some homeade cookies, a warm cup of coffee in your favorite mug and a good storm when you are home from work is also very helpful. Good food cooking, a good movie to watch with your loved one and clean windows. When your windows are spotless and you can see outside, this is a big room maker. I love high beds but if you find a low bed cozy, go for it. I love great linens and quilts are wonderful too. Lastly, I once read every room should have a black peice of furniture in it. Something as little as a stool will work. I happen to love black furntiure and have a good amount and I love this. My elderly mother, who couldn't imagine such a thing, tried a little black book shelf from targe in her white, bright, beachy living room and she LOVES it. Its now her favorite.
Happy cozy days Everyone!

How To: Make A Cozy Home
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